For any other queries you may have,You have a number of ways to contact us:

 1) Mungpoo Press Club  
     Nalidara Road Mungpoo
      P.O. Mungpoo,734313
     Dist. Darjeeling
     West Bengal,India

2)  Rajesh Thapa 
     labdah Division
     PO. Mungpoo,734313
     Dist Darjeeling.West Bengal
     Email : 

Or Feel free to contact us  for any feedback,questions ,guest post or  advertisement query you may have.You also can now submit your articles, press releases, news reports, poems, short stories etc automatically to "Mungpoo News". New submission will be highly appreciated. Please Contact us by following the  form given below:

Contact address,emails and other related information for Mungpoo News.

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