Gurung coward & corrupt: Tamang

Gurung coward & corrupt: Tamang
Kurseong: Binay Tamang on Sunday launched a vitriolic and vituperative attack on Bimal Gurung with allegations of corruption and personal misconduct.

The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha president's first public meeting since January 21 suggests that he is oozing with confidence given the support he has started receiving in the hills.

Addressing one of the biggest Morcha gatherings in Kurseong after the change of guard in the party nine months back, Tamang took Gurung by his horns.

GTA chief says ex-leader scared of going to jail

"You are the most coward leader of the hills; do you think you can lead a movement by remaining underground? We went to jail, why are you scared of going to jail and facing the legal process? If Mahatma Gandhi had stayed in South Africa and was scared of going to jail, India would never have achieved Independence," Tamang said.

The GTA head said he believed in "zero enmity" but added that he was now ready to deal "politically" with the GNLF and take Gurung head on.

"You say you are staying in a jungle. Till recently, you were staying in a rented house in Nepal paying Rs 1.5 lakh per month. You juggle between Nepal-Haridwar-Dehradun, Gurgoan, Nodia and Delhi. I know everything about what you are doing," Tamang said in reference to Gurung.

Apologising to the crowd for taking out personal matters, Tamang said: "Through you audio message, tell us with whom you are staying. Where are your wife and other family members? On June 6, you went from Nepal to Delhi to meet Amit Shah (BJP president), could you meet him?"

"You should first learn to respect women before talking about safeguarding the Gorkha community."

Alleging large-scale corruption during Gurung's tenure as the GTA chief executive, Tamang said a bridge connecting Sikkim with Darjeeling could not be constructed because of issue of commission amounting to Rs 10crore.

He alleged that the Sikkim rail project was stalled because of a Rs 30 crore commission issue.

"Funds to the tune of Rs 78 crore meant for cinchona plantations workers have been embezzled," alleged Tamang.

The Morcha leader dealt on all aspects of Gurung right from "having a fleet of 17 vehicles to property in Pokhara" and his lack of education.

"In a video message he has sent, one only needs to zoom in on the newspapers laid on the table to find out from where he has posted the video. This is an example of how an uneducated leader functions," said Tamang.

"I will shut you out of your audio," said Tamang.

Gurung had recently sent an audio message appealing to all hill parties to unite. "His unity calls come only when in distress," Tamang said. He also hit out at the GNLF and said he would now start dealing with the party politically as it was only trying to go after him.

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Binay Tamang on Sunday launched a vitriolic and vituperative attack on Bimal Gurung with allegations of corruption and personal misconduct.

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