France Victory against Peru 1-0

France's Kylian Mbappe attempted a shot against Peru
France's Kylian Mbappe attempted a shot against Peru
FULL-TIME: France are through to the next round thanks to Kylian Mbappe who scored in the 34th minute to give his team 1-0 lead. Peru are out of contention now.
  • 90+4': Olivier Giroud gets in front and makes the strike but it is deflected over the cross bar. Corner for France
  • 90+3': A throw in for France. They are taking their time. Now a throw-in for Peru. A loud cheer from the crowd. This is a looooong throw-in and amounts to nothing
  • 90+1': Corner for France. Short one this from Dembele. Fekir has been fouled. Free kick awarded to france.
  • 90+4': Four minutes of added time for Peru to find the equaliser and for France to hold on to their lead.
  • 89': SUBSTITUTION for FRANCE - Paul Pogba out, Steven N'Zonzi in
  • 86': YELLOW CARD TO PAUL POGBA! He's not impressed. Free kick to Peru right from about 20 yards. Not a powerful strike from Guerrero but it was dipping and not much trouble for Lloris as he pouches it.
  • 84': Guerrero wins a corner. Umtiti rises to clear the danger.
  • 82': Final SUBSTITUTION for Peru: Rudiaz in, Cueva out
  • 82': Dembele finds himself in front of Peru goal. But his left-footed attempt goes wide. That would have put the game to bed.
  • 81': YELLOW CARD issued to Edison Flores. Now referee receives some information from his VAR team and it's Aquino who gets the Yellow Card. Case of mistaken identity this,
  • 80': SUBSTITUTION for FRANCE - Nabil Fekir is on, Antoine Griezmann is off
  • 78': France steal the ball courtesy Paul Pogba who has been fouled. Free kick to France inside their own half.
  • 75': SUBSTITUTION for FRANCE. Kylian Mbappe off, Ousmane Dembélé on. He's taking all the time in the world to walk back, leaving Peruvian frustrated who egg him on to hurry.
  • 74 ': CHANCE! This is good from Peru. A brilliant pass from Carrillo from the right. Farfan leaps but his resulting shot crashes on the net from a right angle.
  • 70': This has been an absorbing half so far. France were all over Peru for the first 10-15 minutes before Peru gathered themselves and rallied back with wave after wave of attacks.
  • 68': Corner for Peru. The crowd goes berserk. What can Peru make of it? Delivery good but Giroud rises above everyone to head it clear. Meanwhile, the referee has blown the whistle and it will be a free kick for France.
  • 67': Anxious moments for France as Peru keep the possession to themselves and keep hovering near the danger zone. Luis Advincula receives the ball just outside the box and with his left boot, unleashes a powerful shot that sails over the cross bar.
  • 65': The crowd comes alive after the ball finally touches the feet of a Peruvian. A long ball intended for Carrillo on the right flank and his cross inside the box is easily headed clear.
  • 64': France regain control over the proceedings. Varane lifts the ball from French half, hoping to find Giroud but it has more power than needed. It flies well over the Frenchman.
  • 61': Momentum seems to have shifted after the initial 15 minutes when France had camped inside the Peru half. Carrillo this time goes for the glory from outside the box but the ball goes just over the crossbar.
  • 60': Advincula from the right, sneaks inside the box and sends a cross which is intercepted by a blue shirt. Peru are improving.
  • 58': Carrillo gets the ball inside the box and is sandwiched between two French defenders. He goes down. Appeal for a penalty. Referee turns it down.
  • 56': Corner for France. Paul Pogba wins it. It has been cleared.

  • 54': Another free kick to France but it's a short one from Pogba. Nothing comes off it.
  • 52': It's almost a lob from the Atletico Madrid man. Quite high. Drops right over the wall where after some wriggling, Gallese gobbles it
  • 51': Free kick for France from a danger zone. Guerrero fouls Hernandez. A bit delay as the referee ensures everything is in order. passes instructions and Griezmann is ready.
  • 50': CHANCE! Pedro Aquino nearly drew level for Peru. He receives a cross in the middle and inside the penalty area and sends in a powerful shot but it hits the post!
  • 48': All good with Umtiti now. It looks a case of dead leg. He's back
  • 47': Oh dear! Umtiti and Farfan involved in a mid-air collision. Umtiti kneed in the thigh. He looks in pain. Play halted.
  • 46': Second half gets underway. Peru have made double substitution to start the second half

Halftime Substitution: Anderson Santamaria replaces Alberto Rodriguez and Jefferson Farfán comes in for Yoshimar Yotun

This is going to be an interesting half. Peru need to score to avoid elimination meaning we can see more aggressive approach from the South Americans. Meanwhile, France have responded well after an early wave of Peruvian attacks. Peru could have taken the lead in the 31st minute but Guerrero only managed to hit ball straight into the hands of Lloris.

  • 45+2': Griezmann wins the possession on the left and sends a delicious pass but it's blocked. The referee has blown the half-time whistle!
  • 45'+2': Two minutes of additional time
  • 42': A good counterattack from France as Kylian Mbappe finds Griezmann in the middle who in attempts to pass it to Giroud but it lacks the bite allowing the Peru custodian to intercept.
  • 38': Carrillo leads the attack for Peru. Combines well with Guerrero. Sends the ball inside the box for his teammate but the French defense is equally good.
  • 36': The Peruvian fans have outnumbered French in the stands. They are in full force behind their men. Peru have some work to do to draw level with France now.
  • 34': GOAL! Kylian Mbappe scores for France! France lead 1-0. Griezmann sent a throughball for Giroud intercepts it inside the box and his shot is deflected by Ramos but it goes over the goalkeeper. Mbappe finds himself in front of an open goal and all he has to do is to tap the ball inside. He has become France's youngest ever goalscorer in World Cup history!
  • 33': Chance for France! It's Paul Pogba who lobs one over the Peru defense for Mbappe whose attempt is weak allowing Gallese to make an easy save.
  • 30': Chance for Peru! Flores supplies the ball to Guerrero inside the box and his attempt crashes straight into Lloris who makes a good save.
  • 28': A threatening move from Peru but the French defense is alert and resourceful enough to thwart Carrillo and Co.
  • 24': Corner for Peru. France clear that without much effort and then Flores goes for the shot with his left boot and it's wide.
  • 23': Guerrero has been issued a YELLOW CARD! Some argument between Umtiti and Guerrero and the referee deems it as objectionable enough to book the Peruvian.
  • 20': Foul on Umtiti. France have the free kick.
  • 18': A long pass from Pavad and Griezmann with a decent run from the right to intercept the ball but his left-foot attempt is easily saved by the goalkeeper.
  • 17': YELLOW CARD TO Matuidi for a late challenge on Advincula
  • 16': Griezmann fires right in the middle of the goalmouth and Gallese saves it from going past with his knees. Good save!
  • 14': Now Varane with a header that goes just wide. Peru are facing testing times.
  • 13': First corner of the match goes France's way. Referee is issuing warning to the defenders and thus delays the attempt. Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappe goes down near the goalline but referee isn't interested. The corner is easily headed away.
  • 12': Paul Pogba with a tricky shot from just outside the box as the Peruvian goalie Pedro Gallese dives but the ball evades him after bouncing inches in front. France now look to be in control of the proceedings after the early jitters.
  • 11': Griezmann , from a tight angle, makes a right-footed attempt but the effort is wide.
  • 8': Now Mbappe leads the charge and he passes it forward, looking for Antoine Griezmann but the pass is intercepted.
  • 7': Umtiti with a timely challenge to stop Peruvians in their tracks.
  • 6': Carrillo skips past two French defenders before the blue shirts arrive to win the ball. The possession is regained and an ambitious shot from Yotun follows from near the midfield. French custodian Hugo Lloris is outside his mark but alert as the ball flies well over the cross bar.
  • 3': Carrillo goes down after playing a cross. Play halted as he recovers.
  • 2': Action limited to midfield. France keep possession for a while before Peru take over. After wriggling through the midfielders, Carrillo enters from the right before being dispossessed after a challenge from French defender who sends it out for a throw-in.
  • 1': France will start the proceedings- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. It's kick off!

#French players are donning blue colours while their Peru counterparts are in their traditional whites

#It's time for the national anthems!

Starting lineups are in

France: Hugo Lloris, Benjamin Pavard, Raphael Varane, Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Hernandez, Paul Pogba, Ngolo Kante, Blaise Matuidi, Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud, Kylian Mbappe.

Coach: Didier Deschamps (FRA)

Peru: Pedro Gallese, Luis Advincula, Christian Ramos, Alberto Rodriguez, Miguel Trauco, Pedro Aquino, Yoshimar Yotun, Andre Carrillo, Christian Cueva, Edison Flores, Paolo Guerrero

Coach: Ricardo Gareca (ARG) 
Courtesy: TOI

France are through to the next round thanks to Kylian Mbappe who scored in the 34th minute to give his team 1-0 lead. Peru are out of contention now.

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