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The little Dear Darj corner in Golpark is growing. First, it was The Whistling Kettle from the house of Nathmulls that opened in April last year, with all its teas and the popular pork platter from  Keventers Darjeeling. And now, to up the ‘hill feel’, Mamamomo has opened right next to it with a platter of momos and more from Darjeeling.

The menu is simple and short —momos, a variety of thukpa, Darjeeling-style barbecued meat called sekhwa, and Calcutta-style Chilli Chicken and Chilli Pork. Primarily a takeaway, this 300sq ft area has only three tables without chairs (yes, you have to stand and eat).

“An open kitchen, friendly staff and fresh and delicious food that would remind you of Darjeeling — that’s our USP,” said Tashi Dhendup Kidwai, who has partnered with his mom Pemba Doma Kidwai and family friends Sailesh Sarda of The Whistling Kettle and his wife Bonisha to open this stop.

Why call it Mamamomo? “That’s because all the recipes are by my mother and she keeps a strict vigil on the quality and daily activities in the Mamamomo kitchen,” said Tashi.

Mamamomo — Kitchen & Grill

Where: 23/3 Gariahat Road, Golpark (beside The Whistling Kettle)

Open: Noon to 10pm

Pocket pinch: Rs 70 onwards

Mamamomo, as the name suggests, offers a variety of momos — all Darjeeling style. “This is not dim sum, nor siu mai. These are momos that are traditionally eaten in Darjeeling, mostly at home,” said Tashi, one of the young owners of Mamamomo.

We loved the Chicken Momo Chilli, a house-special recipe that combines the flavours of the Calcutta-favourite Chilli Chicken with that of a pan-fried momo. Also available steamed and fried, each plate has eight momos priced Rs 70-plus (steamed veg) onwards.

There’s something about thukpa that makes this noodle-veg-meat soup such a heart-warming comfort food in the hills. “It is the aroma of freshly cooked vegetables and meat along with very little spices that keep it simple yet flavourful,” said Pemba Doma, as we forked our way into a large bowl of Pork Thukpa (Rs 140). Also available in veg, chicken and egg options, the thukpa bowls will come in two sizes — large and small.

Even before you enter, a row of delicious-looking skewers of meat will entice you from behind the glass wall. “We call it sekhwa, which means to heat something slowly by fire. It’s slow-cooking, much like barbecue, only with a different set of spices commonly used by the Tibetan communities in the hills,” said Bonisha. Chicken, mutton and pork are the options for Sekhwa on the menu, priced between Rs 130-plus and Rs 160-plus. Grilled or fried, the kebabs come with blobs of a lemony green chutney.

Pemba Doma Kidwai flanked by son Tashi and family friend Bonisha Sarda. “Most dishes on the menu are what I have been eating all my life in Darjeeling, what people eat in their homes in the hills. They are food cooked without MSG,” said Pemba.

It’s hot news for dalle lovers in Calcutta. Mamamomo stocks several varieties of pickle made with the dalle, one of the hottest chillies from Sikkim. “These pickles are handcrafted by a family friend in Ravangla,” said Tashi. From Dalle preserved in vinegar @ Rs 150 and Dalle Bamboo Shoot pickle (Dalle Tamba) @ Rs 220 to the super hot Dalle Paste (Poora Peero) @ Rs 210 and Dalle Kinema (dalle with fermented soyabeans) @ Rs 190 — these bottles pack quite a fiery punch.

Go wow at World of Waffles
What: World of Waffles
Where: BE-90 Salt Lake, Sector I
Open: Noon to midnight
What to expect: The national chain with over 15 outlets across the country has a range of waffle treats. From waffle candies to waffle sandwiches and even waffle sizzlers, there are choices aplenty.
Vidushi Bajaj and Mohit Sanganeria, graduates from The Bhawanipur Education Society College, who are franchise owners of the 200sq ft waffle parlour, took t2 through some of the treats on the menu.

Crisp waffles are smeared with tangy blueberry sauce and cream cheese in the Blueberry Cream Cheese Waffle Sandwich. Rs 130 for half portion  

Enjoy the season’s best strawberries over warm waffles loaded with whipped cream and chocolate sauce with Blackforest Waffle. Rs 95 for quarter portion  

For those who find an entire waffle too heavy, you could opt for Candy Waffles (waffles on a stick) in flavours such as Hot Chocolate, Nutella and Blueberry. 
Rs 55 each  

We loved how the Oreo Shake was smooth instead of chunky. Brownie points for the generous dollops of whipped cream. 
Rs 120  

Red velvet lovers, rejoice! Your cupcake flavour now comes as a waffle in Pink Guilt. Topped with white and dark chocolate, whipped cream, yumm sprinkles and vanilla ice cream, you’re going to Instagram this beauty for sure! Rs 290 for half portion  

Coming up
What: Pithe Puli Festival in association with t2
When: January 26 to 28, noon to 9pm
Where: City Centre New Town
Expect: To indulge in the Bengali winter speciality of pithe puli to your heart’s content, as 12 stalls are set to cater to your sweet tooth at the second edition of the Pithe Puli Festival. The line-up includes names such as Nalin Chandra Das & Sons, Makhan Lal Das & Sons and Ganguram. Some of the bites? Gokul Pithe, Dudhpuli and Patishapta!
Organiser speak: “People have appreciated this festival as we get many people from the districts as well to set up stalls here. We hope that guests enjoy the sweet treats this year too and make the festival a success,” said Ramesh Pandey, general manager, marketing and events, Ambuja Neotia Group.

Source: The Telegraph

The little Dear Darj corner in Golpark is growing. First, it was The Whistling Kettle from the house of Nathmulls that opened in April last year, with all its teas and the popular pork platter from Keventers Darjeeling.

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