Gautam Deb Humiliates Hill TMC Spokesperson Binny Sharma

Drunk Trinmool Cadres Humiliate Kargil Martyr’s Family – Police Instead Arrested Martyr’s Brother

Hill TMC Spokesperson Binny Sharma
Gorkha TMC Leader Binny Sharma Humiliated by Gautam Deb for Trying to Intervene “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – this was true when CPI(M) were all powerful in Bengal, and now Trinmool Cadres are hinting at what will happen in the state if they come to power in absolute terms.

According to sources, on the Night of September 29th, drunk Trinmool supporters allegedly entered the home of Mr. Netra Chettri and they got into a fight with him. To the shock of his family, instead of arresting the drunk TMC supporters, the police arrested Mr. Netra Chettri – whose one of the family member died defending our country during the Kargil war. He is still behind bars. All this, on top of TMC cadres threatening local Nepali community and allegedly asked the Nepalis “to go back to Nepal.”

After this incident came to light, Hill TMC Spokesperson Mr. Binny Sharma apparently called up the Darjeeling Police Chief and asked for the release of Mr. Netra Chettri. Sources added that Mr. Binny Sharma did so to deescalate the situation and resolve the issue before the SMP polls.

However, North Bengal Development Minister Gautam Deb was not amused with the interference of a hill leader, in what he considers to be his fiefdom, and allegedly scolded Mr. Binny Sharma very harshly in front of a large number of party cadres and utterly humiliated him in front of a large number of people.

Uttarbango Samwad states that when Mr. Binny Sharma tried to speak to Mr. Gautam Deb after a press conference, Gautam Deb shouted at Mr. Binny Sharma in front of everyone and said, “Who are you to call the police super? Why did you dare call the police super to release someone, without informing first? Who are You? I don’t know anything about this issue…. You can do what you please…. I don’t want to talk anything with you….”

Statesman adds that Gautam told Binny, “not to interfere in the affairs of the plains and call any top official without taking prior permission from Him.”

After this barb, Mr. Binny Sharma left the hall humiliated.
Sources have added that Hill TMC unit has registered a protest against Gautam Deb with Bengal Chief Minister, however the chances that the CM will take any action against Gautam Deb are practically zero.

This incident brings to focus the fact that, we are like the proverbial Jhinga (fly) in the poem, “hera jhinga bhitta ma… lardai pardai chardai jaa… tollai ta makura le pyaar gardaina… O fly! You may climb after every fall and try again and reach the top… but no matter what you do… the spider will never ever love you”…

Hill Trinmool leaders need to understand that today its Binny Sharma, tomorrow it could be any of you… how long will you guys tolerate the humiliation? When the TMC cadres in Naxalbari shouted “Nepalis go back to Nepal”… didn’t you guys feel humiliated too? Didn’t it hurt you that some of your own cadres were asking for the ouster of your community?

Speak out before it’s too late.

Be united!! fight for our dignity and self-respect… remember no matter how sakkhey we try to be, for Bengal, we will always remain “the others – disposable”…

Wake up before it’s too late.

Courtesy: The Darjeeling Chronicle

Drunk Trinmool Cadres Humiliate Kargil Martyr’s Family – Police Instead Arrested Martyr’s Brother , Gautam Deb Humiliates Hill TMC Spokesperson Binny Sharma

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