Nepal Earthquake 7.3 kills 17 in India

Nepalese people gather outdoors during an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal, Tuesday, May 12, 2015
From : A massive Nepal earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude (earlier reports had indicated anything between 7.1 to 7.4) on Richter scale epicentred in Nepal shook Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and several parts of India today, less than three weeks after the region was struck by a devastating temblor. While 36 people were killed in Nepal and thousands injured, 17 died in India, 16 of them in Bihar and 39 others were injured.

Earthquake jolts were felt in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) today driven by the earthquake in Nepal. Delhi Metro was stalled for a while. Later Delhi Metro services were put on restricted mode with speeds being slowed down. The earthquake caused panic to spread in the public across north India.

According to latest report, two earthquakes struck India with epicentres in Nepal (7.1 in Richter scale) and Afghanistan (6.9 in Richter scale). While Nepal was shaken today, the actual epicentre of the earthquake was 22 km South-East of  Zham, China.

From  10 developments in the story

  • 1. An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 first hit Nepal at around 12.35 pm. A few minutes later, a milder quake measuring 6.9 hit the tiny Himalayan nation that is still recovering from a massive quake on April 25 that killed over 8,000 people.

  • 2.  Two smaller quakes of 5.4 and 4.8 magnitude were also recorded within a span of a little over an hour.

  • 3. The US Geological Survey said the quake struck 68 km west of the town of Namche Bazar, close to Mount Everest.

  • 4. Terrified people were seen rushing outdoors in the Nepal capital Kathmandu, where buildings and homes were destroyed in the previous quake.

  • 5. The aftershocks will continue for weeks or maybe months, says the Indian Meteorological Department.

  • 6. In India, the tremors were felt in Delhi, Bihar, Bengal, Gujarat, Sikkim and Himachal. People of Chennai in Tamil Nadu also felt the quake.

  • 7.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a meeting and directed authorities to be on alert for rescue and relief operations.

  • 8. In Delhi, buildings swayed for more than a minute and people ran into the streets. Metro services were halted for some time. "Please do not panic and maintain calm. Earthquake situation is being closely monitored and officials are already in the field," said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

  • 9. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also warned against panic. "Whatever help Nepal needs, we will provide it," he told reporters.

  • 10. The home minister said the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF, which was deeply involved in the relief and evacuation efforts in earthquake hit Nepal, had been alerted.

From:  In Bihar capital Patna, people were seen running away from building into open spaces. Similar reports were coming from Assam and other eastern states.

The tremors were also felt as far as Chennai.

The Delhi Secretariat as well as many government buildings were evacuated immediately after the earthquake.

Authorities said there was no immediate report of any major damage.

 In Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has directed all senior officials to monitor the situation. Civil defence volunteers have deep deployed in various areas to make an assessment of damage by the earthquake. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has also sought reports from all District Magistrates about extent of damage in their areas. The April 25 earthquake which measured 7.9 on richter scale had claimed over 8,000 lives in Nepal. Nearly 80 people were also killed in India, mostly in Bihar, due to the temblor.

Tremors felt in Chennai

Mild tremors were felt in some parts of the city here today as the fallout of a powerful earthquake epicentred in Nepal, officials said.

Tremors were felt in Valasaravakkam, Santhome and parts of Kodambakkam, they said.

The Seismology Unit of the Regional Meterological Centre here said the tremors were felt as a result of the 7.1 magnitude quake epicentred in Nepal.

Residents and office-goers fled buildings in the localities to safer zone. There were no reports of any damage to life or property, police said.

A powerful earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale epicentred in Nepal shook West Bengal, Delhi and several parts of north India today.

Tremors felt in West Bengal

Parts of West Bengal were today rocked by an earthquake, that had its epicentre in Nepal, causing panic among the people.

“Earthquake which had its epicentre in Nepal region, was felt here in the city and other parts of the Eastern region.

The quake measured 7.1- 7.2 on richter scale. We are still waiting for more details,” D K  Das , a senior official of Kolkata Metrological department said.

Hundreds of people ran out of their homes, offices, metro stations and high rise buildings, and assembled on the streets. The tremors were felt in various parts of the city especially in Lake Town, Salt Lake, Dalhouise and Park street area.

People ran out of Metro stations and high rise buildings.

The April 25 Nepal Earthquake had claimed over 8000 lives in Nepal. Several people were also killed in India following the quake.

Bihar shaken by temblor again

Earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale was felt in Patna and other parts of Bihar this afternoon.

The earthquake was felt at 12:35 pm, state Meteorological department said.

Initial reports suggest that tremors were felt across several parts of the state including Darbhanga, East Champaran and Kisanganj.

The earthquake sent people into panic.

In the capital city Patna, citizens were seen running out from buildings into open spaces.

In many schools, children ran to safety in field.

Quake jolts Jharkhand

Tremors were felt in several places in Jharkhand today but no loss of life or property damage was reported.

Tremors were felt in Ranchi, Dumka, Giridih and in other places around 12.35 PM for a few seconds, an official said.

There was no report of any damage to life or property.

Earthquake death toll in Nepal reaches 19; nearly 1,000 injured: official

KATHMANDU, (Reuters) 19 people were killed in Nepal and 981 injured in an earthquake on Tuesday, home ministry official Laxmi Prasad Dhakal told Reuters, giving a first national estimate.

The quake, with a magnitude of 7.3, struck less than three weeks after a 7.8 temblor killed more than 8,000 people and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes in the Himalayan nation.

At least four people were killed in Chautara town in Sindhupalchowk district, north of the Nepali capital Kathmandu, a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration said.

Police in the Himalayan nation confirmed at least three deaths, as the government struggled with patchy phone lines to gather information. It wasn’t immediately clear if they were referring to the same people.

Four people were also killed in Indian states bordering Nepal, one in Uttar Pradesh and three in Bihar, officials said.

One person died in Tibet after rocks fell on a car, according to Chinese state media.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Tuesday’s earthquake was centred 68 km (about 42 miles) west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest and the border with Tibet.

A magnitude 7.3 quake, it was felt as far apart as New Delhi and Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The quake was followed by at least half a dozen aftershocks, including one 6.3 magnitude quake.

The temblor, which struck around 12.30 pm local time, came just weeks after a 7.8 quake killed more than 8,000 people and damaged hundreds of thousands of buildings in Nepal.

The epicentre of Tuesday’s quake was close to Everest Base Camp, which was evacuated after an avalanche triggered by last month’s quake killed 18 climbers. Mountaineers seeking to scale the world’s tallest peak have called off this year’s Everest season.

Nepal is still picking up the pieces from the devastation caused by last month’s earthquake, the worst in more than 80 years in the country. Hundreds of thousands of buildings, including many ancient sites, were destroyed and many more were damaged.


The latest earthquake unleashed panic in Kathmandu, Reuters witnesses said.

Parents could be seen clutching children tightly and hundreds of people were frantically trying to call relatives on their mobile phones.

Shopkeepers closed their shops and the streets were jammed with people rushing to check on their families.

“I’m heading straight home,” said Bishal Rai, a man in his 20s, who said he was trying to contact his family in the north of the capital.

Medics and volunteers formed a human chain at a Kathmandu hospital to keep a path open for ambulances.

A volunteer at the hospital said five or six injured people had been brought in, two on stretchers. So far, few ambulances had arrived, he said.

Some aid teams which were on their way back from Nepal were considering whether to return to the country to help.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at welcoming ceremony for a military rescue delegation after it landed back in Tel Aviv from Nepal, said they were prepared to go back if needed.

De Wojtek Wilk, CEO of the Polish Center for International Aid, said he could send his team of medics “back straight from the airport.”

“There is a huge concern for the people who may be living in structures that did not prove earthquake sound,” he said.

Indian Air Force spokesman Simranpal Singh Birdi said one MiG 17 aircraft stationed in Kathmandu has been sent to Namche Bazaar to assess the damage.

“Our team is conducting an aerial survey before we decide to launch rescue operations,” he said.


In Sindhupalchowk district, which suffered the heaviest death toll in last month’s quake, the new temblor also triggered at least three big landslides in the district. A district official there said 12 people had been injured.

“The latest earthquake has left us shaken. I  am still trembling,” the official, Diwakar Koirala, said, when reached soon after the quake.

Rhita Doma Sherpa, a nurse with the Mountain Medicine Center in Namche Bazaar near the quake’s epicentre, said the quake caused cracks in several buildings, including a school, but she had not seen major damage.

“It was lunchtime. All the kids were outside. Thank god,” she said.

Residents in the Indian town of Siliguri, near the border with Nepal, said chunks of concrete fell off one or two buildings.

Last month’s quake killed at least 8,046 people and injured more than 17,800. It was recorded at 7.8 magnitude, almost six times stronger than Tuesday’s quake.

But a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has the potential to cause significant damage and landslides.


A massive Nepal earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude (earlier reports had indicated anything between 7.1 to 7.4) on Richter scale epicentred in Nepal shook Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and several parts of India

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