Rainbow Waterfall at Kalej Valley Rangbull

Rainbow Waterfall at Kalej Valley Rangbull
A new emerging tourist spot decorated with all possible natural beauties, Rainbow Waterfall is a one more feather in a crown of Queen of Hills ‘Darjeeling’. A half an hour walks downwards from Rangbull junction and then you enter in a whole new world, a place where you will discover the height of natural beauties.
There are innumerable spots to visit but starting with most famous spot of this region ‘Rainbow Waterfall’ will be more justifiable. In the merging point of two ways i.e one from upper Kalej Valley mandir gaon and the other from Dooteriah Balasun via Kalej Valley (upper and lower) at the top of Gorkha Busty, you can see a sign board indicating the way to Rainbow Waterfall. Following which you will reach a beautiful village called Mandir gaon after a 15 min walk. Now here starts your most memorable, discoverable as well as enjoyable time which you’re going to remember throughout your life.
Entering the village you will find many people who are ready to serve you as your guide (but you can do it yourself as well). After heading towards the spot, you will start seeing the purest form of beauty of Mother Nature. After visiting the entry ticket counter (till date entry is free as the construction is under process) and crossing the car parking site, while moving downwards, you’ll find many rest shades and picnic spots. The artistic curved roadway will lead you towards the main location. The scenery of river flowing in between the valley, green forest and sloped way accompanied by cool breeze is all which will keep you mesmerizing. Finally after having a sloppy walk for couple of minutes you will see what you have never imagined even in your dreams. The view of water falling from 80 ft height seems so overwhelming and magical. It’s a very different of its kind. Word becomes less to describe its beauty. Many small and big rainbows in the bottom of the fall as well as between the stones on the river can be seen in sunny days as well as on the stony river. That is why visiting their before noon is advised. Standing just below the waterfall, getting wet and to be blown by the strong breeze are those heavenly experiences which you can never forget. Here, you will enjoy it’s guaranteed. Now days these kinds of places are rarely found. It’s so pure and beautiful, especially when it’s too hard to get even fresh air to breathe now days.
As this place is under construction, it is not officially declared as tourist spot. But people used to gather there especially on some occasion may be its New Year or 26th January to have picnic party. Even foreigners as well as local tourists can be seen roaming here and having fun.
If the construction work finishes as soon as possible then there’s no doubt that this place will come out as one of the famous visiting site of Darjeeling. This will also provide employment to numerous people mainly youths of surrounding areas and the benefits and chances are much more.
It is worth mentioning here that Rainbow waterfall is not only the place to visit. Visitors will find exploring entire Kalej Valley region a fun and adventure. Its unique biodiversity is the driving force. This region also hosts one of the endangered bird lophura leucomelanos commonly known as KALIJ(because of which the region is named as Kalej Valley ).so this place is also ideal for researcher who are doing research on this bird.
Overall, fully satisfaction, peace, knowledge, joy and adventure are what you’ll find here. so come to explore the purest form of natural beauty and its rich biodiversity, come visit Kalej Valley.

Article by: Sidhant Sampang

Rainbow Waterfall at Kalej Valley Rangbull - A new emerging tourist spot decorated with all possible natural beauties, Rainbow Waterfall is a one more feather in a crown of Queen of Hills ‘Darjeeling’.

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