Sikkim Manipal University 14th Convocation Ceremony

Sikkim Manipal University 14th Convocation Ceremony
The Governor of Sikkim Mr. Shrinivas Patil who is also the Chancellor of Sikkim Manipal University today attended the 14th Convocation of the University along with the Chief Guest Rdt General V.K Singh Minister of State External Affairs and DONER. In a function organised at the auditorium of Sikkim Manipal University here in Tadong, East Sikkim a total of 1020 students received their degrees out of which 847 students were from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology and 173 from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences.
Governor Patil and General Singh gave the degrees and the medals to the students who received the award of merit Certificates. Minister for Human Resource Development Department R.B Subbba, Minister for Health and Information and Public Relations Department Arjun Ghatani, Chief Secretary R. Ongmu, Pro Chancellor of the University Dr. Ramdas M Pai who also attended the function, gave the degrees and the certificates to the other graduating students of the University.
Addressing a huge gathering of students and their parents, the Governor expressed his happiness and gratitude to be in the convocation, which he termed it as a moment of happiness and satisfaction for the graduating students and their parents. He also praised how Sikkim Manipal University has turned out to be one of the premier education institute in the nation and their products who have been trained and taught in this university has gone on to become successful people in life.
Minister V. K Singh in his brief and crisp address not only congratulated the graduating students but also appealed to them to become not only successful people in life but also good human being.
Honesty, integrity, persistence, hard work and zeal to make things happen for oneself and the nation are the requirements of being successful as well as good human beings, with such qualities and education and knowledge from such reputed University no one can stop you from attending your goals, Singh Stressed.
To commemorate the 14th Convocation Ceremony the SMU - Directorate of Distance Education (SMU-DE) has launched an initiative extraordinaire for students belonging to Sikkim and the North-East region.
The 6th Annual Vidyadeep Scholarship and special scholarships for Digital Marketing Program conducted by Manipal University in collaboration with GOOGLE was also launched on the occasion. These scholarships have been formulated with an aim to regale to the educational aspirations of the students from the North East Region. The SMU will set aside Vidyadeep Scholarships worth Rs.2 Crore for the financial year 2014-2015. The fee waiver of the scholarships will be available for more than 2000 students from the North-East region under various programmes offered by SMU-DE.
The SMU has been ceaselessly assisting students from the North-East and adding to this endeavour, the SMU has launched a special scholarship on Digital Marketing Program offered in alliance with GOOGLE which will open up career opportunities in Digital Marketing for over 500 students.
 SMU will dispense 50% scholarship for the program that costs Rs.25,000 . Students from the North-East applying for this program will be required to pay only Rs.12,500 (exclusive of the service taxes).  The Program would be a blend of offline and online learning.
The Vice Chancellor of Sikkim Manipal University, Dr. Somnath Mishra enlightened all the people present on the occasion that, Sikkim Manipal University has always focussed on designing special programs in the very interest of the youth of Sikkim and the North-East region. He said that the Digital Marketing Program in association with GOOGLE was of utmost significance as it would enhance digital marketing skills amongst the students of this region, keeping in mind the advancing technological scenario today.
Dr. Mishra further said the SMU strives to work relentlessly towards bringing a positive difference to the youth of the North-East and deliver quality education which is easily accessible.

Source: EOIC

Sikkim Manipal University 14th Convocation Ceremony, The Governor of Sikkim Mr. Shrinivas Patil who is also the Chancellor of Sikkim Manipal University today attended

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