Gorkhaland Movement | Darjeeling crisis is transforming into yet another tornado

Bimal Gurung, President of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM)
SILIGURI: Political turmoil in Darjeeling hills in West Bengal is once again on its way to become a potential tornado. Leaving the boundary of state, the movement for separate statehood is now being taken in to the national platform at Delhi to make the presence of the demand felt nationwide. State CM miss Mamata Banerjee's promises could not cool down the hills.

"The movement will begin with a demonstration at Jantar Mantar on 18th to 19th December. To be followed by a public meeting at Talkotra Stadium on 20th," said Bimal Gurung, President of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) while speaking on the movement plan at National capital.

Delhi, being the center of entire nation, becomes stage for many movements every day of which large number remains unnoticed by national audience. In order to avoid this, GJM has already issued a whip to its members at all tires to take specific steps.

Every board members of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, the autonomous administrative body of Darjeeling have been instructed to 'volunteer' two month's salary in movement fund.

People from different other sectors including all teachers of GTA command area have been instructed to attend the movement as a must. Party members at different tires have been given a 'target' to gather men at Delhi.

Undoubtedly, the development has enough potential to become yet another matter of discomfort for the state CM Mamata Banerjee, at present highly stressed with chit fund scam in the state.
She has visited Darjeeling hills for over 30 times in last three years. Developed many ethnic community based development boards, announced many schemes. But, those could not rejoin the broken friendship between TMC and GJM, neither could not cool down the hills keeping ground reality at a stark contrast to her popular claim 'Darjeeling is smiling,' and 'Darjeeling problem is solved.'

"BJP is inspiring GJM to solidify its movement. That will cause discomfort for the ruling party TMC. Eventually, that will help BJP in the state assembly election in 2016," said senior political observers. Near a non-entity just two years back in West Bengal, BJP never remained overenthusiastic about the state. But unexpected rise in its vote share in last Loksabha election has changed the scenario. Lefts, defeated by TMC after ruling the state for 34 years, are yet to raise head.And TMC is cornered from different angles including large scale mismanagement, administrative chaos or Chit fund scam within just three years of its ruling. "All these have made BJP over ambitious to target 2016 assembly election. And Darjeeling crisis is being used to justify this political prerogative," they added.

Reported by Debasis Sarkar for  ET

Gorkhaland Movement | Political turmoil in Darjeeling hills in West Bengal is once again on its way to become a potential tornado.

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