Gorkhaland martyr Mangal Singh Rajpoot family still lives in poverty

Gorkhaland martyr Mangal Singh Rajpoot family still lives in poverty
On July 30, 2013 Mangal Singh Rajpoot laid his life during the newly revived statehood agitation, but one year later, his family lives in poverty. His family nether have their own house nor was any of the family members provided with employment following his death. Rajpoot died due to self-immolation last year during the new Gorkhaland movement, triggered following the then UPA government’s move to provide statehood status to Telangana.
Mangal Singh Rajpoot is survived by his wife Manju Rajpoot and two sons Aman and Arpan Rajpoot. Aman has completed graduation but is without any job, while Arpan has left school. “He was our support. In many ways lack of support of a husband or a father is difficult,” Manju said. She said Rajpoot worked really hard to support the family, but following his death the family has fallen apart. Manju further informed her family’s house was destroyed by the devastating earthquake on September 18, 2011, following which they have been living at her brother’s house. “I have a land given to me by my family, but due to financial problems, I have not been able to construct a house,” Manju added.
Keeping a brave face, she further said her husband’s sacrifice for the statehood movement should not go for a waste and urged the hill leaders to honor his death by paving way for the formation of Gorkhaland. “My husband was into politics before our marriage and the Gorkhaland issue was very dear to his heart. He was part of the GJM-led statehood agitation and was involved in many rallies and protests,” Manju recalled. “The self-immolation was for the love of his community and this should not be forgotten by the Gorkha leaders,” she emphasised.
Manju also informed GJM president Bimal Gurung had promised for support during the memorial programme of the statehood martyr, but one year after his death the family is still waiting and hoping for help. Following Rajpoot’s death, Manju has been earning money through 100-day work scheme as well as other smaller works in the village.
Mangal Singh Rajpoot was the first person in the history of Gorkhaland agitation to lay his live through self-immolation. His sacrifice to the statehood movement is considered to be iconic and is respected by one and all. On his first death anniversary on Sunday (August 3), the Gorkha Janmukti Yuva Morcha has organised a memorial service in Kalimpong. A martyr memorial in Mangal Singh Rajpoot’s name at his residential village in Holmes area will also be unveiled on Sunday. The yuva morcha will start the day with a silent march in Kalimpong town and conduct a mass meeting to remember the Gorkhaland martyr.(EOIC)

Gorkhaland martyr Mangal Singh Rajpoot who laid his life during the statehood agitation On July 30, 2013 but his amily still lives in poverty

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