GJM Doodhay unit urges GTA to construct embankment for Balasan River

GJM Doodhay unit president Santosh Lama
The GJM Doodhay unit president Santosh Lama has urged the GTA to construct embankment along the Balasan River, which could potentially destroy properties and agricultural lands of the local people through flash floods. He said the people of Doodhay are hopeful the hill administration would consider the grave danger the Balasan River poses and soon start the construction of the much needed embankment.
“Doodhay Bazaar has been deprived of any development for many years now, but we have high hopes on the GTA. We expect the administration to not only take care of the various problem the village has been facing, but also expect more developmental works to be done here,” Lama emphasised.  He further said the Balasan River can change its mood any time during the monsoon season. “If the river swells up due to heavy rains in the hill, it could create flash flood and destroy our crops, houses and other properties,” Lama added.
“A major flood in the 1990s killed one person and more than 20 houses were swept away, while huge amount of crops and other agricultural products were destroyed. We fear of similar situation every time there are heavy rains and spend sleepless nights,” the GJM leader lamented.
Notably, Doodhay has a population of about 15,000 people and is located along the banks of River Balasan which flows from the hills. However, there are no embankments constructed along the river banks close to the village area for protection.
Lama also urged the GTA to hold talks with the concerned department of the state to recognise Doodhay Junior High School as a government institute. “Doodhay JHS is among the list of 32 schools in the hills, which are expected to be recognised as a government institutes,” he informed. Lama also has urged the GTA to install street lamps in Doodhay bazaar, resolve drinking water and elephant menace issues.(EOIC)

GJM Doodhay unit president Santosh Lama has urged the GTA to construct embankment along the Balasan River

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