Girish and the Chronicles (GATC) launches music album ‘BACK ON EARTH'

Girish and the Chronicles (GATC)  launched music album  ‘BACK ON EARTH
Girish and the Chronicles (GATC), a very renowned local band from Sikkim launched their debut music album titled  ‘BACK ON EARTH’ yesterday in Hard Rock Café, Mumbai, under the banner of recording label giant ‘UNIVERSAL’. The album consists of 14 English songs that varies from Hard Rock to classic heavy metal along with a contrasting ballad and acoustic sound for the remaining. The 14th track is actually an older version of ‘Golden Crown’, which the band decided to include since it was a popular number amongst their listeners.
Namely, their new album BACK ON EARTH features the following songs: End of Civilization, Shot by the Cupid, Touched by the Devil, Hey You, I Wanna Get That Lovin’ Again,  Born With A Big Attitude, Loaded,  Angel,  Revolving Barrel,  Ride To Hell,  Golden Crown,  A New Beginning,  Yester-years,  Smile Little Child and  Golden Crown (2008 mix).
 The long awaited album will be available in music stores around the country and overseas and also in several other digital platforms and online sources such as iTunes, Flipkart etc. This will be followed by an all India Hard Rock Café tour and the album promotions.
 The GATC’s first official music video for the song ‘ANGEL’ is regularly being aired on the internationally renowned music channel VH1 since 29th of July 2014. The song ‘Angel’ was the band’s first ever recorded song back in 2009.
The Lyrics/composition was then done by Girish Pradhan, and the music had been arranged by Yogesh Pradhan.
The song was initially released as a single sponsored by Live & Loud – Gangtok, Sikkim and was also featured on TNT magazine’s compilation album. The song was also available on the internet sites such as reverbnation, sound cloud, youtube etc., which gave the band its first recognition.
The music video has now been directed and shot by Vikram Yoganand (Smart Screen productions). Since the lyrics of the song is about how people wish and pray to the various entities of hope such as the universe, God, shooting stars, Angels, etc,  just to be remembered and to fulfil their dreams, the story in the video is about a girl who has her dreams, her ambitions to become an actor and how she struggles and faces the hardships in life to finally make it happen. 
The lead character in the video has been played by Karishma Pradhan (actor/model) hailing from Gangtok, Sikkim. Its current achievement marks GATC as the first band hailing from Sikkim to be featured in an international music channel.(EOIC)

Sikkim renowned local band Girish and the Chronicles (GATC) launched their debut music album titled ‘BACK ON EARTH’ in Hard Rock Café, Mumbai,

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