Political unrest in Darjeeling hills affects art and theatre groups

Raju Himanshu, director Natraj Natya Niketan
The prolonged political unrest in the Darjeeling hills has not only affected the tea, tourism and educational sectors, but has also had its effects on the art and theatre groups.  
Amid such a backdrop, a Kurseong-based theatre group named Natraj Natya Niketan is looking for an ideal moment to rejuvenate and through plays that have become famous across the hills. The theatre association is planning to captivate audiences after a long gap and revive the love for theatre among the masses.
NNNK was establishment on July 31, 1983 and has brought a new dimension to the field of theatre. In the 1980s and 1990s it showcased various plays in the hills and in many Nepali majority places. However, it has been more than a decade since it relegated itself to the background given the political unrest.
Among the troupe’s plays, ‘Om Swaha’, ‘Pratibha Royko Sahar’ and Awaz Khosinay Parivesh Bhitra   are some of the most famous dramas that have taken the public by storm.
When asked by reporters about the present status of the institution, NNNK director Raju Himanshu said despite several projects in the pipeline, they have been unable to showcase their plays. The theatrical group is awaiting the ideal moment to make a comeback, but in the constantly changing political scenario in the Darjeeling hills, a free and conducive atmosphere is still to come by.
After the signing of the GTA accord in 2011, the Niketan had offered a short play titled ‘Makhundo Harayeko Man’ after a decade’s gap on the occasion of its 29th foundation day. However, other plays had to be shelved, although things to be finally moving towards a favourable atmosphere to showcase more plays.(EOIC)

Political unrest in Darjeeling hills not only affected the tea, tourism and educational sectors but also affects art and theatre groups.

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