New Mirik Transformation

Mirik despite being one of the most important tourism attraction in Darjeeling region, had and has continued to remain neglected. With crumbling tourism infrastructure, and lack of maintenance, the existence of Mirik as a tourist town had started to look short lived. TheDC and our local partner organization Darjeeling Times have repeatedly highlighted the issue of - Mirik in Disrepair. Yet the administration - both GTA and West Bengal have done nothing to rectify the situation.
cleaning, planting tree gardening around mirik lake by Sajha Manch When repeated prayers and requests to the politicians and government agencies to take care of Mirik and surrounding areas fell on deaf ears, the people in Mirik decided to do something themselves. This gave birth to a local organization SAJHA MANCH MIRIK
Sajha Manch had just one mandate - that is to take care of the place and its people.
What started as a small endeavor on the part of a few people is gradually turning into a massive wave of transformation. People from far and wide, from Mirik to Darjeeling, from Siliguri to Sikkim, from London to Hong Kong have started to donate towards the beautification and betterment of Mirik and surrounding areas.
transformation of mirik lake gardenGardening around mirik lake by local new looks of mirik lake In a month’s time, Shaheed Sabitri Thapa Park (Mirik garden) - which had looked like a drought hit land, is starting to look green, clean, inviting and welcoming again. Thanks to the volunteers who have spent umpteen hours cleaning and planting trees, donors who have donated time, tree and flower saplings, food, cash and kind – Mirik is transforming.
After reports of people in Mirik doing things on their own appeared on TheDC and Darjeeling Times, many people have come forward to assist and support the amazing work undertaken by Sajha Manch.
We thank all those who are involved with transforming our hills, but in particular we THANK the Volunteers, Donors and following individuals for their love, care and support:
Sajha Mancha President Shri. Santa Mani Rai (Thulo Bhai) who has not only encouraged, inspired and volunteered but has also donated Rs. 21000/- towards restoring Mirik to its former glory.
Shri T B Giri – Rs. 11000/-
Shri Rajiv Tamang – Rs. 21000/-
Shri. Gautam Tamang – Rs. 15000/-
Shri. Bidhan Rai – Rs. 11000/-
Ms. Bidhya Chettri – Rs. 11000/-
Shri. M D Farookh – Rs. 6000/-
Shri. Sachin Rai – Rs. 11000/-
Shri. Bikash Tamang – Rs. 11000/-
Shri. Prakash Chettri – Rs. 11000/-
Shri. Hem Kumar Tamang – Rs. 31000/-
Shri. Biren Rai – Rs. 8000/-
Ms. Kalpana Chettri – Rs 11000/-
Ms. Niru Pradhan – Rs. 11000/-
Ms. Sharda Tamang – Rs 11000/-
Ms. Anita Rai – Rs. 8000/-
Ms. Hema Rai – Rs. 11000/-
Ms. Merina Rai – Rs. 11000/-
Mr. Raj Kumar and Mrs. Mina Agarwal who donated Rs. 5100/- and 10 benches.
Today the tourists are seen happier and enjoying the garden and the place, young couples are seen sitting and talking sweet nothings in the benches, older uncles and aunties going out on both morning and evening walks and people in general enjoying the process of transforming the land and the place they love so much.
The wide variety of ornamental plants and trees planted by various individuals, volunteers and organizations are starting to make the lake region look gorgeous and attractive again, which fills our hearts with joy, pride and happiness.
People in Mirik and those who love Mirik have shown that if we all get together, there is nothing we cannot achieve… and the best way to show our love for our amazingly gorgeous place is by CARING FOR IT.
TheDC team thank the members of Sajha Manch and people in Mirik and from across the region, nation and the world who have worked so hard to make this Change possible.
All of you are such an inspiration!!
If any of our readers want to contribute towards this amazing endeavour, please
contact Sajha Manch and be a part of this change.
You can contact Sajha Manch at : Thulo Bhai Contact Number: 9775195117
[Report and Pics: Bishan Rai for TheDC]

A local organisation SAJHA MANCH MIRIK gave birth to New Mirik, It's a transformation of mirik.Read all regarding improvement made my Manch.

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