Meaningless to celebrate Shahid Diwas - CPRM

Meaningless to celebrate Shahid Diwas - CPRM
The Darjeeling hill region has been observing ‘Shahid Diwas’ on July 27 since the fateful day in 1986 when several activists of the separate statehood movement fell victim to police bullets. On the eve of this historic day, the Communist Party of India (Revolutionary) has put posters across Kalimpong town reminding the public that only a separate state of Gorkhaland will realise the dreams of the innocent martyrs.
The CPRM posters point out that just by setting up autonomous administrative councils such as the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration and crying hoarse demanding the passage of the Sixth Schedule status for Darjeeling will not fulfill the aspirations of those who sacrificed their very lives. Even after the occurrence of such a sad incident, it is unfortunate that people are still sticking with setups such as the GTA and DGHC including the Sixth Schedule, scream the posters.
Observing Shahid Diwas each year on July 27 is just fanfare and an obligation that is not required as the gatherings hold nothing of significance, asserts Kalimpong CPRM unit president Kishore Pradhan. Not a single political setup in the hills is truly indebted to the sacrifice made by so many people nearly three decades ago, he said. Regional parties are busy making efforts to strengthen their party activities and debating on whom should fall in line to climb the party hierarchy instead of galvanising into a united front to take forward the statehood movement. According to Pradhan, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and Gorkha National Liberation Front brass has totally failed to give a political shape to the statehood movement and are just putting up a façade.
Further, CPRM secretary Mohan Paudel alleged the real aspiration of the hill people has not found the right direction given the narrow and self-centred interests of the powers that be in the region. He said it is despicable to say the least that the sacrifice made by 1,200 people in 1986 during the GNLF movement and the seven lives that were willingly sacrificed have not been repaid their rightful dues. Observing Shahid Diwas by paying floral tributes and making inflammatory speeches will not give peace to the departed souls, but what truly will is the earnest and sincere efforts by the individuals who have the wherewithal to sacrifice their hearts and souls to the statehood cause.(EOIC)

Meaningless to celebrate Shahid Diwas - CPRM - only a separate state of Gorkhaland will realise the dreams of the innocent martyrs.

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