Ghayabari Tea Garden Landslide victims still facing problem since 11 year

 still reeling under problems caused by the devastation
It has already been 11 years since the devastating landslide ravaged a number of villages under Ghayabari Tea Garden on July 8, 2003, yet the victims are still reeling under problems caused by the devastation. A total of 24 people were killed at various villages, including Rohini, Rambhere, Mahidar and Pakha, while many houses and other infrastructure were damaged. Since then the people have been living in the fear of a similar devastation, while the damages caused by the landslide is still affecting the people.
The people affected by the landslide have also not been properly compensated by the government even after 11 years. The then Darjeeling administration DGHC and state government had provided support for the construction of 40 houses along with cloths, ration and other basic amenities. However, the houses are in a dismal condition now, with sinking floors and cracked walls. The landslide had even washed away the small plots of land, where the villagers used to grow their vegetable and crops, while the high tension wire which passes through some of the villages have led to many health complications. 
The villages also lack proper electricity supply, drinking water, sanitation, community hall and roads to connect with towns. The government had recently provided electricity connectivity, but due to poverty many villages are unable to enjoy the facility. The village elders who are above the age of 60 have been deprived of old age pension. With such problems it is imperative the area MLA, MP, BDO along with other regional administrative bodies will have to look into the issue at the earliest and provide support to the landslide victims.(EOIC)

Landslide victims of Ghayabari Tea Garden on July 8, 2003 are still reeling under problems caused by the devastation after 11 years

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