Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Siliguri Frontier Medical Seminar at Ranidanga held

Photo - Dr Surendra Pal IG (Medical) SSB, Dr H B Mohanty IG (Medical) BSF,  and Shri K C Dobhal, DIG Siliguri Frontier SSB share a point during the SSB Medical Seminar at Ranidanga on 24th June, 2014

Dr Surendra Pal IG/Director (Medical) Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) inaugurated the Siliguri Frontier Medical Seminar at Ranidanga on 24th June, 2014 by lighting the lamp in the presence of Dr H B Mohanty IG (Medical) BSF, Shri K C Dobhal, DIG Siliguri Frontier SSB and Dr Prem Kumar DIG SSB Composite Hospital, Purnea.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Surendra Pal IG/Director (Medical) said the Continuous Medical Education is an opportunity to analyze the medical emergencies we experienced through the year and find solutions to tread over them. He recollected the four deaths of SSB personnel due to Malaria while being on election duty, last year. The seminar he said has immense potential as we refresh our knowledge of our specific interest. This enhancement of knowledge would be used for the benefit of our personnel and their families and the people all along the Indo Nepal and Indo Bhutan border. As our personnel are exposed to stressful situations during Internal Security duties for extended periods he advised the SSB doctors to keep an eye on the high burn out rate amongst our personnel. Earlier on, Shri K C Dobhal Deputy Inspector General Siliguri Frontier, SSB explained the objectives of the conference and wished the conference all success.

Dr H B Mohanty IG (Medical) spoke on ‘Major Trauma and its Management’ he said that India has the most cases for road accidents deaths, along with cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. He pointed out that patient first aid, evacuation from the site of accident, identification of injuries, symptoms understanding, selection of suitable hospitals to admit, methodologies of transporting a trauma patient, are crucial in the Golden hour before the patient’s life can be saved. Dr R D Gari Commandant Medical 41 Bn Ranidanga, SSB said that India has four types of Malaria and had 1.6 million cases reported and about 1100 deaths per year. He explained the challenges the medical fraternity faces in fighting drug immunity of critically ill patients.  The Coordinator of the Seminar, Dr S Priyadarshi Commandant Medical Siliguri Frontier spoke on ‘Psychological assessment of SSB personnel on Burn Out rating scale’. He elucidated the complex situations in which we work during internal security duties and at the Border Outpost without getting enough rest, leave to visit their families annually. As a result the personnel suffer stress, resulting in depression and even consider committing suicide too. He presented a detailed report on his findings of research on the SSB personnel.

Dr Kaushik Bhattacharjee a Consultant surgeon at the BSF Hospital spoke on ‘Blunt Abdominal Trauma’. He said that the abdomen is a ‘Pandora Box’ in which several sensitive organs of the human body are present and any injury to this region cannot be underestimated. Dr Angel Bennet Commandant (Medical) of BSF Hospital emphasized on the importance of timely immunization of children against several life threatening diseases. Later, Dr N K Chatterjee Anandloke Medical College, Siliguri summed the complexities of handling ‘Chest Trauma patients in ICU’. Dr Doma Lachenpa Asst Commandant (Medical) of 19th Bn Gangtok, SSB spoke on ‘Chronic Renal Failure’. Dr O P Pandey GDMO, 29th Bn Khaprail spoke on ‘Chronic Liver Diseases their investigations and treatment’. Dr Naveen Kumar Asst. Commandant (Medical) of SSB Composite Hospital at Purnea spoke on ‘Clinical Manifestations of Malaria’. AMBU, presented an Artificial Resuscitation demo on the Artificial Manual Breathing Unit. The Seminar ended after Dr Surendra Pal IG/Director (Medical) addressed the gathering and distributed certificates to the 30 odd participants from SSB, BSF and different specialist hospitals.

Dr Surendra Pal IG/Director (Medical) Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) inaugurated the Siliguri Frontier Medical Seminar at Ranidanga on 24th June, 2014

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