Mirik Village tourism offers huge potentia

Mirik Village tourism offers huge potentia
Unemployed youths of Mirik feel tourism in the region can be further developed by promoting village tourism, which according to them has a huge potential. Mirik is generally known only for the picturesque lake and apart from a few parks there are not much one can enjoy in the region. Therefore, the young populace of the town feels promoting village tourism among various hamlets spread across Mirik hills could be a great option ahead in terms of tourism development.
Many national and international tourists visit Mirik every year during the season time and most of them look for reclusive stays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Many tourists also like to be together with the nature and look to experience village life. These tourists not only enjoy the culture, tradition and way of life of the people in the village, they also take away valuable knowledge along with them.
Younger generation of these villages has identified the potential and is now seeking support for promoting village tourism in Mirik. Local youth Deepak Subba said if village tourism is promoted many unemployed youth of the region will find a way to earn money apart from selling cow milk and doing other jobs. Another youth, Samir Pradhan, also believes in village tourism and said each and every village in the region has the potential. He suggested a team of youth should be formed to formulate a strategy to provide all the facilities and attractions tourists expect when they stay in villages.
Villages under Mirik including Mirik Busty, Bungkulung,  Marma, Milikthung, Soureni, Tingling, Singboli, Ghayabari, Sitong, Gopal Dhara, Oketi and Soureni Busty are said to be conducive for village tourism. Organisations such as Darjeeling Himalayan Salamander, Tourism Welfare Society and Caravan Camping have been promoting Mirik villages extensively. Tourism Welfare Society chairman Aswini Tamang said Bungkulung village has the best potential to lead in village tourism due to its geographical location, tradition, culture, food, forests and various other attractions. Such attractions are mainly favored by foreign tourists as many try to run away from the modern life to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the villages during their holidays, he added.
The development of such tourism scheme would need an active support from the administration. The GTA’s tourism department and associated departments, regional representatives, MLAs, MP and well as various general tourism stakeholders should come together and provide active support in making village tourism a success.(EOIC)

Mirik Village tourism offers huge potentia,Unemployed youths of Mirik feel tourism in the region can be further developed by promoting village tourism

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