Family Murder in Gitdabling Kalimpong, police arrests Puran Rai Hangjit Rai on charges

Kalimpong police have arrested two individuals Puran Rai and Hangjit Rai on charges of Murdering Dominic Bhutia and his wife Priscilla Bhutia and attempt to murder their elder daughter in the gruesome Gitdabling murder case.
Dominic's elder daughter aged 11 who is critically injured had in fact identified the murderer Puran Rai after his mask fell.

The police have also recovered Puran Rai's blood soaked clothes and boots.

 Family Murder in Gitdabling Kalimpong

Gitdabling (Kalimpong), June 19 : A family in the village of Gitdabling was murdered in cold blood Thursday morning, with the father and mother succumbing to the injuries on the spot, and the elder daughter is seriously injured and at the hospital. Miraculously the youngest daughter managed to escape.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Thursday. The youngest of the son who is around Eight years old, managed to escape and reached her maternal uncle's house at 5 in the morning.

One of the residents of the village who went to the crime spot said that the father - Dominic Bhutia was killed in the bed where he was sleeping, while the wife - Priscila Bhutia's head and hand was were chopped off and her body was lying on the door.

Seeing the injuries the residents speculated that "Khukuri" might have been used for in the attack.

"I think when she went to open the door the murderer might have chopped her," said a source who visited the spot.

The elder daughter who is around 11 years old, also got brutally attacked and her eyes were gorged out and her hands cut.

She was immediately taken to the hospital in Kalimpong where her hands were stitched and has been further referred to Siliguri hospital.

"When I spoke to the youngest son, she said, she hid himself and then ran away to her maternal uncle's house," added the source.

The bodies of the deceased have been sent to Kalimpong for postmortem, and the police are investigating the case.

The police is questioning one of the suspects, who happens to be a neighbor.

The reasons for the cold blooded murder is yet to be ascertained, but such a brutal crime in the small hamlet of Gitdabling has created a sense of fear among the

[Note: Some of you may remember that on the day of the Lok Sabha Election we had asked our readers to send us pictures from their voting booths, and one of our reader had sent us a picture from Gitdabling. Sadly enough Late Mr. Domonic Bhutia whose family got killed had also posed for that picture]

Report filed by: Shradha Chettri on The Darjeeling Chronicle
[Shradha is a journalist based in Delhi, who is originally from Gitdabling]

Police arrests Puran Rai and Hangjit Rai on charges of murder in Gitdabling, Dominic Bhutia and his wife Priscilla Bhutia, A family in the village of Gitdabling was murdered in cold blood Thursday morning

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