GJMM celebrates LS victory at Chowrasta, SS Ahluwalia gets hero’s welcome in Darjeeling

GJMM Bimal Gurung celebrates LS victory at Chowrasta, SS Ahluwalia gets hero’s welcome in Darjeeling
A month after the results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced, the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha today celebrated its second consecutive Lok Sabha victory in a manner conspicuously bereft of fanfare. Around five hundred of its hardcore supporters attended the celebration at Chowrasta.
In his maiden appearance after his victory from Darjeeling,  S S Ahluwalia, also the BJP vice president, thanked the people of the constituency and asserted that the state's ruling party had made every effort to spike the celebration of the victory.  “Even though the Trinamul Congress won majority of the seats from West Bengal they did not celebrate the victory and neither did they allow others to celebrate. They are not happy with the poll result here and the landslide for the NDA across the country,” he said.
Repeating what Narendra Modi has said-calling the collective Gorkha dream as his own- the MP said he shares the same dream. " I would leave no stone unturned to fulfil every promise that we made in course of the poll campaigning," he said.
Addressing the gathering the GJMM president, Bimal Gurung said that in the next five years, the party assisted by the MP would go a long way in the direction of achieving the long-suppressed dream of the Gorkhas. "Let me thank all those who voted for our nominee as well as those who voted against him. It is time the people, irrespective of political differences, work shoulder to shoulder to achieve the goal." he said, throwing enough hints that this time they would go all out to pressure the Centre on the issue of Gorkhaland.
Critical of the state government, he said it keeps fuelling the Jamuni land controversy to harass the Hill's autonomous body.(sns)

SS Ahluwalia gets hero’s welcome in Darjeeling

Flush with the victory of the BJP both in Darjeeling and at the Centre, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha chief Bimal Gurung today warned the state government against undue interference in the functioning of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.
Addressing supporters gathered at Chowrastha to celebrate the election win and welcome Darjeeling MP Surendra Singh Ahluwalia, the GJM president said, “The state government keeps interfering and this must stop immediately. There is a GTA agreement and law in place that are above the state government and they must be respected. Our MP is also a reputed lawyer. We will move court if the state government does not stop creating problems.”
Gurung was responding to the hill Trinamool Congress’ allegation that the GTA was mired in nepotism.
“I cannot go down to Siliguri and interfere in the working of the North Bengal Development Department. Likewise, the GTA has the right of autonomy and must be consulted for any matter pertaining to the hills,” he asserted.
Reiterating his allegations against the state government for using official machinery to malign the GJM for its political gains, the GJM chief said, “The district magistrate and the superintendent of police are working on the behest of the state government. TMC cadres in the hills are creating trouble and intimidating people. In fact, the state government is conspiring to implicate me in false and fabricated cases.”
Gurung also commented on the ongoing controversy in Jamuney, where the GTA is developing a tourist hub. “The district magistrate is politicising the issue and misguiding some people. But I want to remind everyone that the project in Jamuney is not my personal property. It is being developed for the people to ensure a sustainable future for the youths of the area,” he said.
Congratulating Ahluwalia for getting a huge mandate, the GJM president appealed to him to fulfill his promises and ensure the hill people get justice.
“We have remained suppressed in Bengal since decades. The state government’s attitude towards us is not sincere. Now with Mr Ahluwalia representing us, he must work towards providing us justice and remaining as the bridge between the state and central governments,” said Gurung, adding he would continue to struggle for the “ultimate” demand of the people even if that meant sacrificing his life.
“We have done all we could here. Now, all programmes will be focused in Delhi as that is the place where things happen. And we have Mr Ahluwalia and the BJP to help us,” he said, and appealed to opposition parties and associations to work together in the next five years to develop the hills.
Ahluwalia meanwhile, who could not stop himself from shaking a leg to the tune of the victory song, thanked the people for making him their representative and pledged to make every effort to fulfill his responsibilities.
“I am overwhelmed and thank everyone who voted for me. Instead of just talking, I will try to fulfill all the promises my party has made,” said the MP.
The BJP leader blamed the TMC-led state government for not permitting victory celebrations. “Darjeeling was a seat of prestige for the TMC, but the party could not wrest it. This was the main reason why the state government barred victory celebrations for 72 hours on May 16 after the announcement of the results. We were not granted permission for a programme in Siliguri on June 18,” said Ahluwalia.
The GJM has plans to hold similar victory celebrations in Mirik, Kalimpong and Kurseong later this week.(EOIC)


GJMM celebrates LS victory at Chowrasta, SS Ahluwalia gets hero’s welcome in Darjeeling, A month after the results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced, the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha today celebrated

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