Captian Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia

Captian Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia
The state of Sikkim geographically though it’s small but the state harness potential people who have made a remarkable achievements in vivid field of interests and challenges. More promising aspect of the state of Sikkim is that courageous women have begun exploring the horizon caving out successive stories, those are the ones who are leaving examples and inspirations for the children of tomorrow. The frontier of gender based inequality then and now has been conceded by women; every now and then the women are encroaching slowly but steadily.
Among such inspiring success stories today a yet another courageous woman of Sikkim has successfully scaled; of which society must applause for the struggle, hard work and dedication.
In the previous episode VoiceofSikkim covered up the success story of Juhi Palmo Chettri hailing from Namchi in South Sikkim who bagged an opportunity to become first commercial pilot of state , she too had completed her flying training in USA in 2013.
In the same year as well as month of 2008 Miss Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia hailing from Gangtok missed the opportunity to grasp the state sponsored pilot training, but her father Late Md Iqbal Bhutia encouraged his daughter to go ahead with the training however it takes from his capacity. Yasmin and her father took off to Hyderbabad on July 2008 where Yasmin fortunately got enrolled in the India’s renowned Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy also known as Wing’s Aviation Academy.
A 24 years old proud captain daughter of Md Iqbal Bhutia and Smt Mariam Iqbal Bhutia did her schooling from St Joseph Convent in Kalimpong till Class X and she completed her XI , XII in Science Stream from Dr Grahams Homes Kalimpong in the year 2008. A caring father who always dreamt to see his daughter fly high assisted daughter to go for a pilot training even though ‘Unluckily’ she couldn’t through state sponsorship.
It was barely a month after she gets an admission in flying academy at Hyderbabad a big shock left Yasmin and her family in despair , her father passed away leaving mother, herself and her younger brother behind. With just a month she’d started training at Hyderabad the whole world turned heavy on her head but having whole dream of father to accomplish the destiny, Yasmine’s mother stood as a strong pillar to confront every challenges. It was an embarrassing situation but when the dedicated mother, a woman stood against all situation to tackle every bit of challenges then nothing can stop her. Yasmin gives all credits to her hardworking mother, she managed everything so well and she even didn’t let us realize pain even for a single second, Yasmin says. ‘The struggle she did for us after father passed away makes us feel very proud’.
Yasmin to VoS narrates her struggle during the training period which took her nearly 4 years to complete , with the determination and a dream of father in her eyes she gazed at the sky with a bold courage that she’d conquer the limits. She said that training was rigorous , as many trainees who had enrolled slowly walked out without completing the training. According to her she along with her another mate was only two female in the group of 10 during the pass out year. ‘One cannot just leave off on half way when the dream smears in the mind completely, it varies person to person but to me it was a challenge as well. In the infinity skies surrounded in between the clusters of cloud one shouldn’t feel completely directionless, direction don’t matter unless one reinforce through it to find a way courageously ’, she said to VoS.
‘However there was struggle but good number of best instructors in the institution never let our mind blogged with impossibility. We undergone through various program and skill building classes during the period of flying training, we even had a crush with scores of hard moments but we resisted and controlled such situations clogging our direction by our mind power and wisdom, that’s what is taught to us. There’s absolutely nothing to fear with height or any sort of mental retardation during the flight, it’s a reason some people think looking at the cockpit having strange looking widgets and gears, those when mastered will obey your commands, she said.
I completed my flying academy as a licensed Pilot early months of 2013 itself but due to delay in availing licenses from DGCA I had to wait for longer time, but now I am happy that I possess both Commercial Pilot License and Private Pilot License. I have yet to fly P68C which is a double engine next month which will be my first hand on, I have been trained with Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 which are single engine planes. After that I will lookout for a prospect as pilot in private aviation, she said.

Captian Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia is also a nature lover, she admits that she is fond of gardening but living in Gangtok town at MG marg such space isn’t available but she don’t hesitate when it come to preserving of greenery. She reveals her hobbies starting from playing guitar, watching movies, sharing fun time with children, singing and reading books.
Interestingly VoS gets some history clear, that Captain Yasmin who is also a granddaughter of Sikkim’s pioneering woman doctor then in 60’s late Dr. Fatimah Ibhrahim during the regime of Chyogal.
Today women are far scaling in various aspect compared to men, women are dominating men somehow or in a vast margin. Society should come out from narrow thinking of gender biased work culture, and women must diligently come out from such stigma, nothing is impossible when one commits. I feel Sikkim women are accelerating ahead; I am following various success stories of our women doing breakthrough progress and achievements. That is a reason to ponder that in coming time women will far breach men in many fields. It is also a governance which matters since that makes women strong, if encouragement is given to women in wide aspects then surely the women will prove that they are capable to do anything. The nicest thing about our state is that government encourages women which unlikely are observed elsewhere, she tells VoS.
On asking that if all children can fly like you one day ?, Captain Yasmin said that opportunity door in Sikkim is open, provided the people understand what they must opt for their career as well as be dedicated, state government is imparting series of programs which are beneficial for everyone here.
No matter tomorrow Captian Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia like another daughter will succeed challenging yet another milestone making state proud, one thing that tickle minds of people as well as children is that ‘Women are doing at their best and will cross frontiers and barriers where hypothetical male dominated societies have failed!’.
Buck up parents and orthodox thinkers , the culture rests there and then a new society will germinate where gender inequality will find no place at all, then high and low of last depreciated society will churn into ashes of never returning back phoenix! Give a prominence and priority to women, let’s see them flying with their wings wide over unbound skies with their capabilities , they will, they can do!!!

Source: VoS

Captian Yasmin Iqbal Bhutia - The state of Sikkim geographically though it’s small but the state harness potential people who have made a remarkable achievements in vivid field of interests and challenges.

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