Rangpo Mining cricket ground changed into the jungle due to the negliency of the department

RANGPO/SANJAY AGARWAL- Rangpo mining cricket ground   the lone ground of cricket   provides by Sikkim sports department is changed into the jungle due to the negliency of the department. In the decade of 90 the said ground was handed over to the cricket associations to encourage the cricket game in the Sikkim. For some year the ground was cleaned and was also succeeded to organise the match in the said ground .but from some year the ground is not maintained and a scene is like a jungle as huge big grass is in the ground. The ground is totally covered by fencing and big door with lock at the main entry point so that no one can enter into the ground. when the ground was opened before the decade of 90 many players of state and national level was born from the Rangpo area as in the morning and evening the teenagers and students was habit to go to ground every morning and evening .but when there was no proper ground in the area   it was seen and believed that many persons has seen the packet of prohibited drugs in the hand of teenagers and students as there is no any type of entertainment facility in the Rangpo area. what a shameful scene that the teenagers and students was compelled to take the packet of prohibited drugs just for entertainment   and such type of behaviour has make the society and state image negative .in other side there is another small ground at Rangpo main market .one of the private sector company has also assured to support to construct the mini stadium also .but some persons has politicalise the issue and till today the work is pending. In favour of   the local residents, teenagers and student the playground is most necessary and is suggested to open the mining cricket ground for all type of game and also make possibility to construct the mini stadium at Rangpo.
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