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The Takdah valley, near Darjeeling, is famous for the beautiful nurseries that preserve some of the rare species of orchids and plants of Himalayan origin.

Takdah also produces some of the best-flavoured tea of the world. Once, one is through with the sightseeing here, it's the time to proceed to explore the spots nearby. The journey itself is a thrilling experience with high-altitude mountain roads on one side and cloud-covered valley on the other.

You must have been to Darjeeling quite a lot of times, but have you ever been to Takdah? No! Then visit this incredible place in the heart of the mountains and tea gardens. It is in Darjeeling District’s Rangli Rangliot area, which is 18 km from the main city of Darjeeling. Situated at an altitude of 4124 m, you can enjoy the a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha from the scenic beauty of this simple hamlet.
Takdah Haat Bazar

Places to see in Takdah: There is a religious monastery or gumpha, (Dechhen Pema Tshoiling Monestery) centrally located in Takdah, just beside the caves of Mata Durga. This monastery and caves are both tourists’ sights, which was looked after by Rev. Lama Karma Gyaltchen (Bal Me Me) till 1st May 2007. Other than these, there are certain structures from the period of British rule that are worth visiting, like the deserted clubhouse, which is 1 km away from the Takdah cantonment.

Nearby attractions of Takdah: You can visit the nearby destinations of Kalimpong (12. km), Lebong Valley-I (10. km), Samalbong (16. km), Bijanbari-Pulbazar (14. km), Lebong Valley-II (10. km), Darjeeling-Pulbazar (10. km). The nearest towns that you can visit are Darjeeling, Rishyap and Namchi. Giele, Rungli and Teesta Valley are the popular and nearest tea gardens of this area, which you mustn’t miss out.

Things to do in Takdah: Doing nothing is what you should do when you are in Takdah. Going for sightseeing, taking a nature walk around the local villages and enjoying the changing colours on Mt. Kanchenjungha are few other things you may like doing in Takdah. For tourists who have never seen a weekly village market, they will get to see this on Thursdays, when locals from nearby villages turn up to shop here. You can also see the collection of uncommon Himalayan orchids in the orchid center of this cantonment.
How to reach Takdah: From Kolkata, you can reach Darjeeling Junction (DJ), which is at a distance of 5.7 km from Takdah or reach the main junction of Takdah, named Dara Dokan. So you can reach Darjeeling and hire a car, jeep or get on a bus to reach Takdah.

Best time to visit Takdah: The ideal time to visit Takdah is the summer, when the temperatures are mild. The winters are severe and not a good time for tourists to visit there. However, six months of the year, this small village experiences heavy rainfall, which prevents people from coming to this area.
orchids nurseries

Lodging and dining facilities at Takdah: There are few local budget home stays and a comfort cottage rest house for tourists in Takdah.

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