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Hills set to organise 6th Darjeeling Hill Marathon
Darjeeling: Darjeeling is all set to host the 6th edition of the Darjeeling Hill Marathon on November 10. Organised jointly by the Sports Development Foundation and the Darjeeling Police, the marathon has raised the bar this time. "This time the participants for the marathon will be getting timing certificates, which can be used as qualification timing used as eligibility criteria for other national marathon events," stated Prasanta Saha, organising secretary of the event.

Electronic timer mats will be placed at the start line which will record the timings based on electronic chips embedded in the number tags of the runners. There will be two or three electronic control points along the route for the 21 km and 10 km marathons. "This run is all set to emerge as one with one of the best routes in the country. It is a national event," stated Olympian Menezes. Participants from all over the country along with foreign runners will be taking part in the run. 2,000 participants have already registered.

"We expect the residents to come out on the streets in large numbers and encourage the run. It is a run for Darjeeling. A run for education. A run for clean green Darjeeling," added the Olympian. Indian Olympian Dipa Karmakar will be the face of the Darjeeling Hill Marathon. There will be 21 km, 10 km and 4 km marathons in the event. The 21 km marathon will flagged off at 6.30 am from Chowrasta. The route will be via Gandhi road, INA bypass, Jorebungalow, Hill Cart road, Singamari, Zoo, Raj Bhawan and end at Chowrasta.

The 10 km run will be flagged off from Chowrasta at 7.15 am. The route will go through Gandhi Road, DB Giri Road, Hill Cart road, Darjeeling Railway Station, North Point School, Tending Rock, Zoo, Raj Bhawan and end at Chowrasta. Lastly, the 4 km run will be flagged off from Chowrasta at 8.30 am. It will pass through Gandhi Road, DB Giri Road, Hill Cart road, Darjeeling Railway Station, Ladenla Road, Clubside, Keventers and end at Chowrasta. "Owing to the marathon, traffic will remain off the roads including the stretch from Jorebungalow to Darjeeling from 6 am to 10.30 am. However, emergency vehicles including ambulances and fire engines will be allowed to ply. It might cause inconveniences but it is for the betterment of Darjeeling," stated Deputy Superintendent of Police, Darjeeling. 16 stations including energy, water and medical stations will be put up along the route. Each category will have an ambulance as the tail car. A medical camp with beds will be put up at Chowrasta. Police officers and volunteers will be deputed all along the route.

Film-makers return to Darjeeling for shoot
DARJEELING: After a brief lull, film-makers are returning back to Darjeeling to shoot their films with a slew of movies lined up for this year. This is expected to boost the image of popular Bengal hill station battered by turmoils.
Bengali matinee star Dev and Paoli Dam is in Darjeeling for a two-day shooting for their upcoming film “Sanjhbati”. Directed by Saibal Banerjee, some sequences of the film is being shot at Chowrasta. “We are shooting for two days in Darjeeling. Most of the scenes have been shot in Kolkata. But a few scenes important to the film requires shoot in hilly areas,” the director said.
The film is expected to be completed and released before Chirstmas on December 20. “I cannot divulge the story of the movie. All I can say is both the characters meet at the Hill station after a long time,” Banerjee said.
“Tapsee Pannu will be here for a 40-day shoot. We have already done the recce and have identified locations like Mall Road, Chowrasta and Lamahatta in Darjeeling and Tribeni, Dr Graham’s Homes, Delo and Morgan House in Kalimpong,” said line producer Bablu Banerjee, accopanying the ‘Sanjhbati’ crew.
A few months ago, Abhay Deol and Pankaj Kapur shot for their film, JL-50, in Gorubathan and Lava in Kalimpong. The film will be released in the first week of December, this year. (TOI)

Darjeeling reclaims its glory on silver screen
Darjeeling: The queen of the Hills is all set to reclaim her position as an important film shoot destination with shootings underway for two films and many more lined up for the near future. While a Bengali movie featuring Deb and Paoli Dam is being shot at the Darjeeling Chowrasta, shooting is on for another movie with Rajat Kapoor and Momtaz Sarkar in the lead at Tukdah. Incidentally in the yesteryears, Darjeeling had been a much sought after film shoot destination with many a landmark film shot here.

However owing to the political upheavals that had gripped the Hills, Darjeeling lost her importance as a shooting destination. Even regional films stayed away. However, all this is set to change with Darjeeling once more being promoted as an excellent shooting destination. In the past few years many box office hits have showcased Darjeeling successfully. Even the big names of Bollywood have started returning. The state government led by Mamata Banerjee has been trying to promote film tourism in Darjeeling.

Tourists were ecstatic seeing Deb and Paoli Dam at the Darjeeling Chowrasta on Friday. There was a mad rush to click selfies and take autographs. The film Saanjhbati is being shot in Darjeeling. The cast of the film includes Soumitro Chattopadhyay, Lily Chakroborty, Deb and Paoli Dam. The movie is directed by Saibal Banerjee and Leena Ganguli. It is being produced by Bengal Talkies. "The film has a sequence of the lead couple going on a vacation to the Hills. Which could be a better place than Darjeeling? So we decided to shoot here. It is a three day shoot. We have shot in Tumling and Darjeeling town. We will be shooting in Lamhatta and Triveni on Saturday. The film has largely been shot in Kolkata and is scheduled to be released on December 20," said Banerjee talking to Millennium Post.

The director stated that Darjeeling is a shoot friendly destination where there are ample virgin locations. Paoli Dam is being accompanied by her mother. "I will get to spend quality time with my mother. It is a three day shoot. Wish I could spend at least 10 days with her in Darjeeling," she had stated on arrival at Bagdogra Airport. Deb seems to be luckier. "I always enjoy my stay in Darjeeling. I will be returning later this month for a 10 day shoot for another movie," stated Deb. The movie revolves around the lives of elderly residents of Salt Lake, Kolkata. The film depicts their loneliness. With majority of the youths out of station for jobs leaving parents alone. "Darjeeling has great locations. It is comparatively cheaper than other hill stations. It just needs to be promoted. These days there are numerous films, tv serials being shot in Darjeeling. From the 6th November a Hindi film staring Taapsee Pannu will be shot in Darjeeling and Kalimpong for one and a half months," stated Babloo Banerjee of Moviecraft Media associated with line production for movies being shot in North East region.

Army Red wins Mungpoo Gold Cup 2019 by scoring 3 goals to Jhapa 11 Nepal
मङपु, १ नोभेम्बर, राजेश थापा: मङपु युथ क्लबद्वारा सम्पन्न भइरहेको मङपु गोल्ड कपको चुडान्त खेला आर्मी रेड बनाम झापा ११ नेपाल माझ खुबै घमासान रुपमा सम्पन्न भयो | अपार दर्शकहरुको भीड माझ सम्पन्न आजको अन्तिम खेलमा आर्मी रेडले शुरुदेखि नै उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन दिंदै झापा ११ लाई अन्योलमा पारेका थिए | खेलको पूर्वार्ध भित्रमै आर्मी रेडका जर्सी नम्बर ७ इसान गुप्तले १४ मिनटमा एक गोल गरेपछि छाताछुल्ल पारेको नेपाल टीमलाई लगत्तै १५ मिनटमा आर्मी रेडकै जर्सी ११ जयन पीले अर्को गोल गरेपछि विपक्षीलाई हरेश खुवाएका थिए | यस्तैगरि उतरार्धको खेलमा पुन: आर्मी रेडकै पक्षबाट जर्सी नम्बर १३ प्रेम कुमारले तेश्रो गोल गरेपछि नेपाल टीमलाई ध्वस्त गर्दै आर्मी रेडलाई मङपु गोल्ड कपको खिताब आफ्नो पक्षमा लिए | आजको निर्णायक खेलमा उत्कृष्ट टीम केएफसी सिलिगुडी, आर्मी रेडका मल्ल ठकुरीलाई उत्कृष्ट गोल रक्षक आर्मी चयन गरियो | केबी गिरीको अध्यक्षतामा सम्पन्न समारोहमा जीटीए बीओए अध्यक्ष अनित थापाको बाहुलीबाट बिजयी टीम आर्मी रेडलाई पुरस्कार वितरण गरेका थिए भने पराजय टीमलाई सिन्कोना निर्देशक डा० सामुयल राईको बाहुलीबाट पुरस्कार वितरण गरियो | यसरी नै अन्य ट्रफीहरु सिन्कोना बगान व्यवस्थापक गोपाल लामिछाने, बिदुर कर्की, बीओए सदस्य अनु प्रदान, जीटीए पीआरओ आरबी लामा आदिको बाहुलीबाट प्रदान गरियो | फाइनल खेलमा आमन्त्रित कलाकार वोइस अफ नेपालका बिमोचना लोम्जेलले सुन्दर गीतहरु प्रस्तुत गरे भने सन्त जोसेफ विधालयले ड्रील प्रदर्शन गरे | यसरी नै आयोजकले पत्रकार टोली, फोटोग्राफर टोली लगायत खेल आयोजन गर्नमा सहयोग पुराउने सम्पूर्ण व्यक्तिहरुलाई पनि स्मृति चिन्ह सहित कृतज्ञता प्रकट गरेका छन् ||

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Guidelines for pollution-free Chhath Puja in Siliguri
Darjeeling: The Darjeeling district administration issued directives for Chhath Puja organisers in Siliguri on Thursday. According the directives, no construction will be allowed inside rivers, the river bed cannot be dug up, the course of the river cannot be altered, earth-cutting and moving machines can't be used in river beds without permission and such machines can be used only for cleaning purposes following National Green Tribunal guidelines.

A meeting was called by the district administration along with the municipal corporation, police, other concerned departments and Chhath Puja organisers. "In Thursday's meeting, we apprised the organisers of the NGT stricture. Monitoring teams, comprising personnel from various departments are keeping a close tab. Two earthmoving machines were seized on Wednesday for flouting norms," said Siliguri sub divisional officer Sumant Sahay. On the day of the Chhath Puja, monitoring teams will be deputed in all ghats along with civil defence volunteers and divers. "All measures are being adopted to ensure a peaceful and incident free puja. We are deputing civil defence volunteers and divers to prevent any untoward incident," said the SDO.

With permission issued for the construction of Chhath ghats, organisers made preparations at Lalmohan Moulik Niranjan ghat, Santoshinagar ghat and Noukaghat in Siliguri. "We will ensure a pollution-free Chhath Puja as per the guidelines of the NGT. The district administration, police and all concerned departments are taking adequate measures," said state Tourism minister Goutam Deb. Apart from Mahananda, Chhath Puja is also organised on the banks of Panchnai, Mahishmari, Jorapani and Balasun rivers. "Religious festivals have to be held but they should adhere to guidelines of the NGT. Even religious organisations have a duty to protect nature. The district administration has to ensure that green laws are followed," said Animesh Bose of Himalayan Nature and Adventure Foundation.

Mungpoo Diwali Sports cum Mela ended
मङपु, ३१ अक्टुबर, राजेश थापा: मङपुको ऐतिहासिक दुई दिवसीय वार्षिक दिपावली खेलकुद समारोहको दोस्रो दिन सिन्कोना निर्देशक डा० सामुयल राईको प्रमुख आतिथ्यमा सम्पन्न भयो । समारोहको विशिष्ट अतिथिको रुपमा एनएचपीसी चरण तीन महा प्रबन्धक प्रभारी एके ग्रोवर उपस्थित रहेका थिए । यसरीनै जीटीए पीआरओ आरबी लामा, जीटीए सदस्य अनु प्रधान लगायत मङपुका वरिष्ट ब्याक्तिहरुको पनि उपस्थिति रहेका थिए । सिन्कोना व्यावस्थापक तथा मङपु खेलकूद संघका सभापति गोपाल लामिछानेको अध्यक्षता रहेको कार्यक्रममा सचिव राम पोख्रेलले ऐतिहासिक दिवाली खेलकूदको महत्व बारे बोल्दै उपस्थित सम्पूर्णलाई स्वागत जनाएका थिए भने निर्देशक डा० राईले पनि कार्यक्रमलाई सम्बोधन गरे। दोस्रो दिनको कार्यक्रममा बिशेष रुपले अन्तर सिन्कोना विभागमाझ प्रतिश्पर्दात्मक खेलकूद सम्पन्न हुने गरेकोले विभिन्न विभागका खेलाडीहरुले अंश ग्रहण गरेका थिए ।

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