GNLF slams parties for spreading lies about Sixth Schedule

No sixth Schedule no Rest - GNLF
The Gorkha National Liberation Front (GNLF) on Thursday alleged that “opposition parties” were trying to spread “misinformation” on their demand for the Sixth Schedule status for the Hills and that a conspiracy was being hatched to counter the “popularity” of the party among the masses. “Like in the year 2007, there is misinformation being spread on the Sixth Schedule status by other political parties.
Darjeeling fell in the excluded and partially-excluded areas some time back. The central government had adopted an Act in 1935, which also passed an order the next year for excluded and partiallyexcluded areas. A list had also been prepared, in which the Naga Hills, North Cachar Hills (Dimasa), North East Frontier and the Lushai Hills have been mentioned as excluded areas, while in the partially-excluded areas were the Garo Hills and Mikir Hills (Karbi Anglong).
The Sixth schedule has been implemented in these areas,” the GNLF Darjeeling sub-division spokesperson, Sandip Limbu, said. The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration was formed after stiff opposition from the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha to the implementation of the Sixth Schedule status in 2007. “The primary thing about the Sixth Schedule is excluded and partially-excluded areas, while the thing tribal or not is secondary.
Darjeeling had not asked for the Sixth Schedule, but it being a deserving area, a Memorandum of Settlement had been signed for it between us, the centre and the state in the year 2005. Now, other parties are trying to spread the information that the schedule will be for tribals and not the general people. This is only being done by them to bring about a rift between the tribal and non-tribal people among the Gorkhas,” Mr Limbu said. He added that his party condemns this act.
The party spokesperson further pointed out to the census in 1931 when everyone in the Hills was referred to as tribes. He said that the other parties were trying to create a propaganda and division here by maintaining that the general caste people were Gorkhas and the tribals were non- Gorkhas. “Our understanding is that the Gorkhas should be ruled by Gorkhas. Anyone can rule as the chief executive member, but he/she should run it as a Gorkha,” said Mr Limbu.
He also claimed that the land ownership documents in tea gardens, cinchona plantation and forest villages would also be had once the Hills are given the Sixth Schedule status. According to Mr Limbu, the seat distribution in the Sixth Schedule would be 10 for the schedule tribe, 15 for general, three will be left open, which the GNLF wants to be given to the Schedule Caste with five members being nominated by the governor.
“There is no bigger arrangement than the Sixth Schedule, and if other political parties can bring in any arrangement bigger than this, we will leave them the way. This is more powerful than the GTA or any other Council and one of the greatest autonomies one can get and a road towards Gorkhaland,” Mr Limbu claimed.(SNS)

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