Teesta-Rangeet Tourism Festival, 2017 inaugurated by Binay Tamang in Darjeeling Chowrastha

Warnamala performs at Teesta Rangeet Tourism Festival Darjeeling Chowrastha
Teesta-Rangeet Tourism Festival, 2017, was inaugurated in Darjeeling by Binay Tamang on Wednesday. The five-day fest is being organised jointly by the GTA and the state government.

Darjeeling: The Darjeeling hills are once again alive with music and dance in a year that was marked by violence and 104 days of shutdown.
Binay Tamang, the chairperson of the board of administrators to run the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, inaugurated the Teesta-Rangeet Tourism Festival at Chowrastha here on Wednesday.
"There was a time when there would be no people at Chowrastha. I am talking of the situation we faced earlier this year. The hills were in doldrums and I would like to thank the public for supporting us and turning things around to make Darjeeling better."
The festival - organised jointly by the GTA and the Bengal government - will be held across the hills over the next five days.

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