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Morcha cut off schoolteachers involvement in agitations

Teachers in Gorkhaland agitations and rallies
Darjeeling: Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leaders affiliated to the Binay Tamang camp said on Thursday that they would not involve schoolteachers in agitations, and should they take part at all, it would be voluntary and only on days the institutions are closed.
Satish Pokhrel, the convener of the Morcha's Darjeeling sub-divisional committee, said: "We will not involve teachers in agitations and rallies. Even if they have to participate, it will not be forced on them. Such programmes will be held only on days the schools are shut."
During the 104 days of the agitation, education had taken a massive hit along with tourism. Most schools are now being forced to cut down their winter vacation and hold classes to make up for the time lost. The hills are famed for its educational institutions but many believe that the prolonged strife has taken the sheen off the study environment.

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