Kalimpong leader's hasty decision creates more confusion in people mind - P Arjun

GJM leader P Arjun
Top leaders of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha Kalimpong unit including MLA Sarita Rai, Kalimpong Municipality chairman Suva Pradhan, the founding vice-president of the Morcha, Kalyan Dewan, Kalimpong district president R.B. Bhujel and secretary Kumar Chamling resigned from the party on Saturday by saying Janta is confused and we leaders are also in dilemma in the present political situation, so we decided to quit. But one of the Gorkha janmukti Morcha leader Mr. P Arjun  found not satisfied with their decision. He has expressed his opinion regarding resignation through his Facebook profile as -

The reasons put forth by Kalyan Dewan in respect of resignations from the GJMM by senior party leaders from Kalimpong is not convincing. Kalyan Dewan is one of the Vice- President of GJMM central Committee and also the convener of GMCC n an es executive sabhasad, Dr. R. B . Bhujel also avery senior leader ex - executive sabhasad, MLA Sarita Rai is an elected representative of the people of Kalimpong followed by Shubha Pradhan Chairman KPG Mcpl. and many C.C. members- all of them happen to be Bimal Gurung loyalists!! In his press statement Kalyan Dewan has been qouted as saying that the " janta "is confused and the leaders in a " dilemma " in the present political situation of the hills and so the decision to resign !! While reaffirming their commitment to the cause of Gorkhaland Mr. Dewan and his flock have chosen to remain equidistant from both the factions of Bimal and Binay- Anit. Such hasty decisions create more confusion in the minds of the people. Instead of resigning the leaders should have at least waited for the final outcome of the case before the Hon" ble Supreme Court on the 4th. December 2017!!! The leaders who have already resigbed are still answerable to the people and thousands of GJMM supporters!!!!

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