GJYM slams CPRM over Teesta Rangeet Tourism Festival

Darjeeling winter festival
Darjeeling: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha on Monday hit back at the Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists for opposing the upcoming Teesta Rangeet Tourism Festival and advised the communists not to try and take "political benefits" of the Gorkhaland martyrs.
Arun Chhetri, the spokesman for the Gorkha Janmukti Yuwa Morcha who is allegiant to the Binay Tamang-Anit Thapa camp, said: "The CPRM's comment is most unfortunate. The CPRM should not teach us a lesson on Gorkhaland as our party has been formed to raise the demand of a separate state. If there is any hill party which has recognised the martyrs, it is the Morcha. We do not need their lessons on what the dream of the martyrs is."
The CPRM has recently issued a statement condemning the upcoming tourism festival that will start in the hills from December 27.
Govind Chhetri, the spokesman for the CPRM, had said: "The tears of the 13 martyrs have not dried and yet, the GTA is preparing for the tourist festival. Tea garden workers have been facing difficulties because of no wages for three months. But instead of giving them relief, the GTA is preparing for festivity."

The CPRM leader added: "Our party condemns the decision to organise a tourist festival at this time. The hills are in mourning and the our andolan is not yet over."
Another Morcha leader said: "We are aware of the history of Gorkhaland movement of the 1980s."
The leader was referring to the CPRM leaders, who were with the CPM during the 1986 agitation. It has been alleged that CPM leaders from the hills had opposed the 28 month Gorkhaland agitation tooth and nail.
A section of the hill CPM leaders broke away and formed the CPRM in 1997 to espouse the Gorkhaland demand.
Arun said on Monday: "It is best for the CPRM to stop extracting political benefits out of the martyrs."
The GTA, along with the state government, is holding the festival purportedly to send out a message that normality has returned to the hills and the atmosphere is conducive for tourists to visit the hills.
Tourism has been hit hard following the four-month strife in the hills.

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