SC ruling is a serious setback for the Mamta Banerjee Govt - P Arjun

P Arjun
When the news regarding Supreme Court stay order of “No coercive action against the present petitioner (Bimal Gurung) should be taken till the next date” went viral The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha study forum member or better say intellectual figure Mr. P Arjun said, the step made by Supreme court is a serious setback for the Mamta Banerjee Govt. 

He in his Facebook profile writes:-
The Hon"ble Supreme Court has stayed all coercive actions against the petitioner Shri Bimal Gurung meaning that the respondents Union of India and the State of Bengal are restrained from arresting , obstructing Bimal Gurung till the next date of hearing the bail petition of the petitioner. The SC ruling is a serious setback for the Mamta Banerjee Govt. as it had left no stone unturned to hound Bimal Gurung and politically decimate him and derail the movement for Gorkhaland by causing a split in the GJMM party! The SC ruling though interim in content is however a very big relief for Bimal Gurung in particular and a moment of ecstasy joy and pride for the lakhs of supporters and torcbearers of Gorkhaland scattered all over India and abroad !! It can be presumed that the BJP Govt wil now certainly pressurise the Bengal Govt. to urgently sit with Bimal Gurung n his team in the tripartite meeting to seek a permanent solution to the demand of Gorkhaland!! Jai Gorkha ! Jai Gorkhaland !!!!

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