I Will Soon Visit Delhi To Sort Out Problems : Bimal Gurung

Morcha President Bimal Gurung
Roshan Giri, GJM secretary, has circulated a fresh audio tape of Bimal Gurung, in which Gurung has assured his people not to be impatient. He will come out publicly very soon when time permits.
We are presenting the extracts of the audio for the readers of NBT:
Bimal Gurung: “Gorkha Janmukti Morcha is struggling democratically for national liberation. We believe in democracy. The fascism of Bengal has sabotaged us. People is aware of the handful of leaders who have betrayed us. I am not doing all these for earning bread and butter. People is not tired. Those who are compelled are joining hands with Binay Tamang led GJM. We believe in Government. We shall not have to wait for too long. I am with you people. I am not too far. I am with you. I am looking at you. I will even sacrifice my life for you people. Everything is being good slowly. I appeal everyone to have patience. I will visit Delhi soon to solve our problems.”

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