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Gautam Deb condemns attack on media, police

State tourism minister Gautam Deb
State tourism minister Gautam Deb on Thursday strongly condemned on the attack on media, police and damaging government property.
He said, “Hurling stones, rocks and petrol bombs on police, burning vehicles of the media and setting fire of police stations by the GJM supporters is not called democratic agitation. I denounce their actions, it’s wrong and unlawful. The media is supposed to have their freedom of speech and strong pillar of our constitution; one cannot get away by suppressing or violating it.”
When asked about the arrest of GJM chief Bimal Gurung he said, “The state government is planning strict action against the violators and law will take its own course of action.”
Deb further said that these kinds of violent agitations will result in making the hill more backward and the economy will fall down. Tourists will never turned back to enjoy the beauty of hills. We believe in peace and democracy so appeal people to maintain peace and obey the law. (EOIC)

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