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Clouds hover over first ever cabinet meeting in Darjeeling Hills

Gorkha Ranga Manch
The day the state cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held here, decided on Thursday, the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha is organizing a mass public rally with them also doing a sit on dharna for two hours in front of Gorkha Ranga Manch about 200 meters away from Raj Bhawan and one of the routes that leads to Raj Bhawan where the Cabinet Meeting will be held.
The cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held around two in the afternoon according to sources with the Morcha rally on the other hand starting around eleven in the morning with the schedule to start their two hour dharna around 12:30 pm. Though these programmes is estimated to end about half an hour before the cabinet meeting starts the programs are expected to take a toll on the ministers’ vehicular movement who will be coming all the way from Siliguri.
Gurung addressing an indoor meeting at Gorkha Ranga Manch today said, “Tomorrow, all the twenty two constituencies will be participating in the protest rally and I request that at least 2,000 persons from each constituency should attend it. One rally will start from Batasia loop which will join the rally from the town area at the Railway station here with another rally coming from Singmari. All the rallies will accumulate near Gorkha Ranga Manch and stage a two hour dharna there after which an indoor meeting will be held in which future programs will be announced.”
The indoor meeting today was held after the fourth day protest rally of the Morcha for the state government allegedly trying to make Bengali language compulsory in schools.
“We want that in the cabinet meeting tomorrow it should be passed that Bengali language will not be made compulsory in the hills along with the Nepali populated areas in Dooars and Terrai area. If that is not done then the agitation will continue,” said Gurung.
When asked about the programs of the Morcha being held affecting the vehicular movement of the Cabinet ministers who will come here to take part in the meeting Gurung said, “Whether they reach the meeting or not we will go forward with our program.”
Gurung however maintained that the sit in dharna would be held some distance away from Raj Bhawan which is just about 200 metres away from Gorkha Ranga Manch.
Gurung was also found maintaining that even though they have not got the permission to hold their programs tomorrow but were doing it anyway as it was a matter of safeguarding the Nepali language.
“Let them do whatever they want to tomorrow. We will hold our programs,” said Gurung.
In his speech Gurung was also found maintaining that they were waiting for two to three days to see what Delhi thinks about the people of the hills. (EOIC)

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