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Centre has made up its mind to create new states in 2019 - FNS

Federation for New States
A delegation of the Federation for New States (FNS) who arrived in Darjeeling today has claimed the Centre has made up its mind to create new states in 2019. The members urged political parties of the hills to unite under one voice to achieve separate statehood.
The FNS is a Delhi based organisation formed by leaders seeking the creation of smaller states for better administration and all-round development of all communities.
Talking to reporters in Darjeeling, Ram Krishan Dev (Tomar), the FNS president, said the time was right for political parties from the region to create pressure on the central government to achieve their demand. “We have specific information after interacting with senior BJP leaders and MPs in Delhi that in 2019, the central government intends to create new states. The need of the hour is for all political parties of the hills demanding a separate Gorkha state to voice their demand in unison and create pressure on the government. It happened when Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and most recently Telangana was formed,” said the FNS president.
Lauding the contributions of the Gorkhas in the country’s freedom struggle, Tomar said the community’s identity crises could only be solved with the formation of a state. “The Gorkhas' contribution in the Independence movement is unparalleled. However, it is sad that Gorkhas are still considered as outsiders and from Nepal. We (FNS) have helped in the formation of new states before and we will also do so for a Gorkha state along with Vidharba and nine others who are demanding statehood,” Tomar said.
The FNS president also highlighted the fact that all hilly regions of the country had been converted into states and that the Darjeeling hills also fulfilled that criteria. “Why this step motherly attitude towards Darjeeling when other hilly regions have been granted statehood? Darjeeling has a case unlike other states that were formed in recent times, as the culture, tradition, language and food habits are different from Bengal,” he said.
Tomar was also critical of Mamata Banerjee and her government for creating hurdles and luring the hill people with development doles. “The statehood demand has nothing to do with the state government. Telangana was created without the approval of the state government. Here, Banerjee is trying to dilute the statehood demand by offering development boards. But this will not work,” he said.
Tomar did not go into the details but said a private member bill would be placed in parliament for creation of smaller states and this would be announced on May 28 in Nagpur during a seminar that will be attended by central BJP leaders including Nitish Gadkari.
"We will bring a private bill in parliament and prior to that, we are collecting signatures of MPs to get a majority. We will be organising a seminar in Nagpur and have invited BJP and Congress leaders who are in support of creation of new states,” he said.
The FNS delegation will be in Kalimpong on Tuesday to hold a programme and has invited political parties including the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. (EOIC)

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