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WhatsApp service to control crime

WhatsApp service to control crime
North Dinajpur police today introduced a WhatsApp service for the residents of the district as well as for visitors to seek help from or provide information to law enforcers.
The move, the police said, is to increase the liaison between the law enforcers and common people as well as to provide a platform through which people can pass on important information and suggestions for improvement of services and file complaints.
There are nine blocks in North Dinajpur district.
"In many blocks like Goalpokhor, Chopra and Chakulia, people live in remote areas. In case they want to seek help from the police or provide information, they need to travel for a long distance to reach the police station. Now that the WhatsApp service was introduced from today, these people can use the facility and they no longer need to visit the police station," a police officer said.
According to them, the facility would also help the police increase vigil across the district.
"Those sharing important information with us need not to be bothered as their identities would be kept as secret. Many people want to share information with us but hesitate to visit a police station. As the facility would be monitored from the office of the superintendent of police and messages sent to the WhatsApp number would be checked round-the-clock, the people will not face any inconvenience," the official elaborated.
The district police officers also provided the number (9593050541) that is functional now. "Even separate staff have been engaged to run the service," a police source said.
Amit Kumar Bharat Rathod, the superintendent of police of North Dinajpur, said the police would campaign across the district to apprise residents of the number. "In case of accidents and crimes, there are many witnesses. But most of them do not turn up to provide information to us. As their identities would be kept secret, we hope that they will inform us now."
The move has been appreciated by the residents of Raiganj town. "We often witness several immoral activities at different places but feel insecure to go to the police station and inform the police. But now that this service has been launched, it would help us provide information to the police as our identities would be kept as secret," a retired bank employee in Raiganj said.(TT)

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