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PHE water distribution among Gangtok residents

PHE water distribution among Gangtok residents
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The state Public Health Engineering department has started the distribution of additional 21 million litre water among Gangtok residents on a test basis and officials said water meters would be launched by April.
Sonam Dadul Bhutia, the principal secretary of PHE department, said the town had been getting additional water since yesterday. "Once the 24-hour supply regularises, we will install water meters in every household here," he said.
Installing a water meter would mean that a consumer will have to pay according to usage, Bhutia said.

"The 24-hour water supply would begin from February-end and we would launch the meter system by April. There would be different slabs for domestic and commercial use and the rates are yet to be finalised," Bhutia added. "The total water supply in Gangtok has become 42 million litre per day (including the additional 21 million litre)."
A senior PHE official said every house owner now pays Rs 90 a month for two hours of water supply a day. "The meters would ensure judicious use of water," he said.(TT)

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