30 Days Notebook - Nepali film from Darjeeling

30 Days Notebook nepali film from Darjeeling
Nepali film '30 Days Notebook' from Darjeeling strives to teach a lesson to both youngsters and their guardians on the ills of discontinuing education midway through school and college. As expected, the movie found popular appeal with people flocking to watch its premiere in Mirik.
30 Days Notebook will not only give a positive message to youths, but also help in promoting tourism and the beauty of the Darjeeling hills. Talented artistes from the region have proven they can act like professional actors and viewers have truly appreciated their effort including that of the film's producers.
Promoted by 'Future Production Mirik' in association with 'Bickey Entertainment of Kalimpong, the film premiered on December 23-25 at Mirik's Community Hall.
Director Bickey Pradhan says his vision is to create quality Nepali movies that are replete with positive messages to the people of the hills.
Nimesh Pradhan, the lead actor, said, "The movie is all about friendship and college life. It carries a message that we should give freedom to students about choosing their careers. Education is very important in a student's life but it should not be everything. Everyone cannot be a doctor, lawyer or a teacher and apart from these professions, there are many others one can choose to pursue such as music, the fine arts and sports. This is the message 30 Days Notebook intends to give out."(EOI)

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