Kalimpong mela rote ping (Ferris Wheel) crashed injured several

Kalimpong mela rote ping (Ferris Wheel) crashed
The popular Kalimpong mela yesterday saw tragedy unfold when, around 5 bogeys of the rote ping (Ferris Wheel) ride crashed. The crash caused injury to several people, among whom three were seriously injured.
Three individuals Suraj Rasaily (21yrs) and Swaney Limbu (30yrs) and Mekhia Tamang (14yrs) were hurt in the accident, out of whom Suraj a resident of Sindebung from Sewaney from Dungra have been referred to Siliguri. The doctors have informed that their condition is stable.
A few of our readers have informed us that, there was a concern regarding the rote-ping, as the machines were very old, and up to four people were being stuffed into a single bogey during the rush hour. However, officials are yet to ascertain the cause of the rote-ping crash.
Following the accident, Kalimpong police ordered that the mela will remain suspended from today onwards.
Late at night around 10:00 PM, we got information that the Kalimpong police had refused to lodged an FIR against the mela organizers, some of whom are allegedly connected to TMC.
Speaking with TheDC, Mr. Amber Tamang one of the distressed family members of a crash victim said, "we had come to file an FIR, but the police wouldn't take our complaint, and instead they arbitrated a settlement of sorts... we were advised to take the organizer's offer of complete medical expenses in Siliguri and not file the FIR... We had come to file the complaint, now we are being told to settle"...
Later, Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia stated, "I spoke to MLA Kalimpong Ms. Sarita Rai and Amber Tamang. The PA of MLA is in Hospital and with Amber, I spoke to him also... I have told them that I will provide all assistance to them."
Sadly despite our numerous attempts, Kalimpong police and Kalimpong MLA could not be reached.(TDC)

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