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Headmaster accused of molesting 9 year old student

Headmaster accused of molesting 9 year old student
A government school in the outskirts of Siliguri today turned into a battlefield after furious guardians assaulted its headmaster for allegedly misbehaving with a nine-year old student of Std 3.
A group of guardians stormed inside NJP Girls High School and started attacking headmaster Chotu Hansar, starting with the girl's mother slapping the headmaster. Hansar retaliated and hit at some female guardians.
The incident occurred in the presence of police personnel.
Following this, Chaitali Banerjee, the girl's mother, lodged a written complaint against the headmaster accusing him of gross misbehaviour. She claimed Hansar called her daughter to his room and molested her.
Banerjee also said the headmaster used to frequent the female toilet area often. Hansar is under detention at the moment.
But he denied the allegation and said, "The student was weak in studies so I pulled her ears and nothing more; the parents are making a big issue of a minor incident." (EOI)

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