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High Alert - Landslide blocks kanaka river in North Sikkim creates artificial lake

Landslide in North Sikkim blocks Kanaka River High alert for living near teesta
Incessant rains triggered a massive landslide in North Sikkim district blocking a tributary of the Teesta and creating an artificial lake that could pose danger to the people living near downstream of the river.

District administration officials said the landslide occurred at 'So-Bhir' cliff at Dzongu and blocked Kanaka river, a small tributary of the Teesta.

The artificial lake estimated to be 150 ft wide has been created which could burst any moment releasing huge volume of water into the Teesta suddenly causing a major problem for the people of living Dikchu, Makha, Singtam, Rangpo and some areas of north Bengal.

Around 300-m stretch of a road and a bridge were damaged while five houses of Mantam village were submerged due to the landslide and the rain.

A high alert has been sounded and a disaster rescue task force has started evacuating people from Mantam, the most affected village, to safer places.

The administration opened two temporary relief camps have been opened at Tingvon, the officials said.

The police have been advising people about do's and don'ts thorugh public address system in the landslide hit area.

NDRF teams have also been sent to the landslide affected areas, the officials said.(PTI)

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  1. The news report says that on 13 August 2016 a massive landslide in Dzongu , North Sikkim has triggered fears of floods downstream. It has also been added that entire hillock called “ So Bhir” adjacent to Kanaka river has come crashing down, blocking the Kanaka river. There is no reason to be panicky at present but some remedial measures are called for because the accumulated water on blocked of the river has a potential of causing huge damage in the area. The blocked water could fall in the Teesta river where there is a dam project. In this connection , readers may like to know , if they are already not aware , about the alert prediction of this Vedic astrology writer in hitherto well known article “ 2016 -a woeful year for India with slight cheer at the end” published as early as on 18 January 2016 in online magazine An alert was predicted for Gangtok- Sikkim likely to happen during Summer to August 2016 through massive landslide having likelihood of grave concern. The alert also included some power dam or water dam. The intent of this alert was to enable the concerned to be in readiness much before to counter or size up to such a likely contingency. On June 28 and after in 2016 also , this writer had alerted that period from 9 August to 20 September 2016 , massive floods and landslides could cause substantial concern in the country in Himalayan belt in north of India. It seems the alert was meaningfully useful.


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