Sikkim woman found in Sevoke jungle

sevoke forest
A woman from Sikkim in her mid 20s was found in the jungle of Sevoke this morning in a disoriented state. Her clothing was torn and pants pulled down, there were several injury marks on her body and she was unable to speak properly.

The woman had probably spent the entire night drenched in rainwater and she was shivering when some locals, in search of firewood, found her and informed the Bhaktinagar police.
The police said the woman claimed to be from Jorethang but she declined to tell her name. Mrinal Mazumdar, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Siliguri said the woman was found near 6th Mile in Sevoke and has been admitted at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital. He said the Siliguri police have contacted their Sikkim counterparts.
When asked whether she had been physically abused, the ADC said, "The victim is not in a state to speak coherently now; let her become fit and we can take her statement then. She is being medically examined and only the doctors can speak about her condition at this moment." (EOI)

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