Tantrik rapes woman to treat her arrested

Tantrik rapes woman to treat' her arrested
A middle-aged tantrik has been arrested by the Malbazar police for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman since the last eight months.
Mahadav Baidya, who claimed to be a tantrik, used to go to the woman at Targhera Busty in Odlabari every week until his real motive was exposed and he was beaten up by the locals before being handed over to the police.
The locals got to know of the so-called tantrik's activities when the woman had to be hospitalised on Thursday night in serious condition. The victim said Baidya used to rape her on the pretext of treating her  and he used to warn her against telling anyone, saying doing so would make her illness public.
According to the locals, Baidya never gave his proper address and used to tell some people his home was in Mainaguri while to others he said it was in Methliganj.
They hatched a plan and invited the fraudster to the village today to perform some rituals, and when he arrived they beat him up soundly before calling the police.(EOI)

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