JAP starts dharna at Trikone park Kalimpong for regular water supply

JAP starts dharna at Trinkone park Kalimpong
JAP starts dharna at Trikone park Kalimpong
Mukesh Sharma: The Jan Andolan Party Town Committee started a week 24*7 dharna from yesterday at Trikone Park Kalimpong. The Dharna program is for the regular supply of water in Kalimpong town. The JAP party after its formation has been regularly raising the issue and staging dharna. Kalimpong town gets water in a gap of three days which according to JAP is a failure of Department. The town committee recently visited the Neura valley source and Relli thuckchuk source which falls under Neura and PHE department respectively. JAP party have told that despite abundance water in both the sources Kalimpong town has been getting water once a week which it have termed as a sheer negligence of the Department 
Water in Kalimpong town is supplied by Neura Department which falls under State government and is distributed by PHE department which falls under GTA .

This too have caused mismanagement according to JAP town committee coordinator Pravin Chettri .
He told despite abundance water at source people of Kalimpong is getting water supply once a week which is due to mismanagement of the Department . We along with our women and youth wing have started a Dharna which will continue day and night till seven days.

Chhetri have told the party have arranged dharna for two reasons one we demand regular water supply. He added if masses get water once a week than whys is the department sending water bill for a year. If once a week it make 4-5 days’ supply a month so they should send water bills for 4 month not a year.   

He too said that during the first phase we will sit for 7 days day and night dharna but again if our demand are not met we will go for bigger protest and in bigger form .

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