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Two kids raped in Mirik

Two kids raped in Mirik
Two young kids - one aged 7 and the another 10 have been raped today in two different incidents in Mirik. A newly married man from Thurbo Tea Garden had been luring young kids on the premise of buying them sweets and taking them for a bike ride. Falling prey to his devious intention was a 7 year old child, whom he raped and to the shock of the locals and as well as the police, left her near the police station after the rape. The police found the girl and on inquiry, came to know about the rape. She was immediately taken to the local hospital at around 9 pm today for medical assistance. The kid is originally from Nepal and was staying with her aunt for her education. The man has been arrested and is in police custody.
Similarly, there are reports that another 10 year old has been raped by a 62 year old man in Negalay, but unfortunately, the man is on the run.
Note: We are yet to get more details on both the incidents, however because our source appealed to us to urgently upload this disgusting, heart wrenching news for our readers/public to know in the hope that justice is done to the little kids, we have uploaded it. We will update it with more information soon.
People let us keep the two girls and their families in our prayers.

- The Darjeeling Chronicle

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