Panighatta High School students forced to study in damaged makeshift sheds

Panighatta High School students studying under damaged makeshift sheds
Despite the government launching several schemes for the benefit of students, 400 students of Panighatta High School under Mirik block are being forced to study in damaged makeshift sheds at the risk of their lives.
After the students spoke to the media about their plight, the school management today held an emergency meeting to discuss the matter. The students of classes V to XII have been sitting in flimsy sheds under the scorching heat since last April when construction of a new building started. There is no electricity supply and drinking water facility at the school; the power connection has been disconnected as the school was unable to pay a due of Rs16,000.
Roshan Tamang of class VII said, "The sheds where we study are damaged and the roofs have been blown away by the wind. We fear of a big accident if rainstorms or other adverse natural phenomena occur." Similarly, Bijay Baraily of class IX said, "We are being forced to study in rooms that get flooded during the monsoon. There are fans but no electricity, taps but no water."
Construction of the new building at an estimated cost of Rs1.86 crore started in April 2015 under the supervision of the GTA and was completed a month back. The inauguration of the building was deferred due to the Assembly election, but several cracks have appeared in various rooms, especially on the walls of the second floor.
Area TMC leader Kishore Pradhan alleged the cracks have appeared because of poor construction work to save costs. He also accused the school management of playing with the life of the students.(EOI)

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