North Bengal recipes Cookbook by Joseph Rozario launched

Joseph Rozario launched North Bengal recipes cookbook
Joseph Rozario, a chef and culinary expert from Siliguri, today launched a cookbook focusing on the cuisines of different tribes in north Bengal.
According Rozario, the second runner-up in the second season of MasterChef India, his book Untouched North Bengal is an attempt to document dishes prepared by tribes like Rajbangshi, Santhal, Toto, Rava and Mech.
"The region is home to several tribes and each has a variety of recipes. However, most of the dishes have lost their relevance and are slowly fading into oblivion. My book is an attempt to document these recipes before they are completely lost," said Rozario.
Three years of research and travel since mid-2012 contributed to the book with 20 recipes. There are also other 25 recipes of Bengali and Nepali dishes.
"I visited different places in the Terai and Dooars to meet members of different tribes. I met elderly members who would describe the ingredients and the method of preparation of dishes. In most cases, I asked them to prepare the dishes to have a better idea. I also tried a few," said the 29-year-old chef.
Some of the recipes include didouli bidot (pork pulao) and pakha shati (pumpkin and pork stew) of the Totos, gunra k uttu (dried leaf curry) of the Santhals and bhapa pithe (rice cake) of the Rajbangshis.
"Apart from the method of preparation, I have elaborately described the significance of each dish," Rozario said.
Rozario said his passion for cooking came from his father Horo Rozario, who was a chef at a Siliguri restaurant.
Joseph Rozario joined the army as a chef at the age of 17 and he cooked there for nine years before resigning in 2011 to participate in MasterChef India.
"My father is the inspiration. My experience of cooking for over 500 soldiers has helped me a lot too," said Rozario, who is a culinary instructor in a private school near Siliguri.(TT)

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