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Nepali language included in State Bank of India Recruitment Process

Nepali language in State Bank of India Recruitment Process
Nepali and other minority languages of West Bengal - Hindi, Urdu, Santhali, Oriya and Punjabi have been included as an optional regional languages in State Bank of India Recruitment Process.

The State bank has also extended the last day of application to the 28th of April so that people from our region get to fill out the forms.

This is also one of the reasons why we should not remain a part of West Bengal, for the Central government had no problem in paying heed to our request and respecting it, while WASTED BENGAL government is yet to include Nepali in WBCS.

Some idiotic local politicians and newspapers have tried to unnecessarily vilify the Hon'ble MP and question his efforts, we have been constantly updated by his office of the progress made in this manner, which, is apparent for all to see today.

We are hopeful that they will have the decency to Thank him and also to Apologize to him.

Take a bow MP Ahluwalia ji!! You have earned it!!

[Please note that the notification just came out, and online application portal is being updated to reflect the same... for now you can apply with Bengali and change the language option once the SBI updates their portal] (TDC)

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