Darjeeling Municipality to construct 32 fire hydrants

Darjeeling Municipal Chairman Mr. Amar Singh Rai
The Darjeeling Municipality will soon commence work on constructing 32 fire hydrants across the municipal region. This information was relayed by Darjeeling Municipal Chairman Mr. Amar Singh Rai.

Speaking to the Press, Mr. Rai said, "illegal constructions have covered all the fire hydrants build by the British, due to illegal constructions we majority of the town area has become highly vulnerable to fire, as fire tenders cannot enter these places, the roads are too congested.... so it is imperative that these fire hydrants are constructed at the earliest, and we will commence work for the same as soon as the election commission permits."

Mr. Rai also warned, "there are numerous Municipal buildings that are crumbling and are on the verge of collapsing, however when we try to convince people occupying these buildings to vacate them so that we can rebuild them, people protest and refuse to leave... given this we fear that if there is a major earthquake like event then some of these buildings may collapse, resulting in the loss of lives..."

Mr. Rai added, "the authorities cannot change our town all by ourselves, we need people to help us... "(TDC)

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