Mamata slams Darjeeling district CPM support for GJM

crowd at Mamata's meeting in Ghoshpukur
Mamata Banerjee today attacked Darjeeling district CPM leaders for their unilateral announcement of support for the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in three hill Assembly seats.
Speaking at a Trinamul meeting here, Mamata said: "The CPM would always cry hoarse ahead of elections and say they would give blood and even life but not Gorkhaland. Now, they are expressing support. What does this mean? This simply means they are playing the divide and rule tactics again and inciting those who want to severe the Darjeeling hills from Bengal."
" Ohey Gurung Bhai, Siliguri Eso, Tomay Chara Amar Jeta Nai... (Dear brother Gurung, please come in Siliguri. I cannot win without you)," Mamata said, scoffing at Asok Bhattacharya, the CPM candidate for Siliguri. "They are speaking over the phone with Morcha leaders and asking for support in the plains, knowing well that the Morcha has an alliance with the BJP."
"The BJP and the Congress have also used the Gorkhaland issue time and again. Ahead of every election, these parties have, along with the CPM, asked for votes. This time, it will not work," she added.
On Saturday, Darjeeling district Left Front leaders had said they would support the Morcha to ensure Trinamul's defeat in Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong.
In the course of her speech, the Trinamul supremo said alliance among the Congress, CPM and the BJP would not be able to score in the upcoming elections. "The CPM, Congress and the BJP have come together and indulged in dirty politics. They do not have a proper political issue to speak of. They raise baseless allegations and consistently try to slander us," Mamata said.
"These parties do not have ethics and can sell themselves. Trinamul is a party of Ma-Mati-Manush and will never sell itself. They cannot stop us by resorting to such tactics. The CPM was in power for 34 years but did not do anything for the state. Same holds true for the Congress and the BJP which were in power at the Centre for many years. Leaders of these parties make lengthy statements ahead of the elections and never work for people," she added.
Mamata also touched upon the Centre's takeover of seven tea estates of the Duncans Goenka Group. "The central government led by the BJP acquired seven tea estates of the Duncans. We want to ask them why they are not paying salaries, wages and dues to the workers if they have acquired the tea gardens. Workers of these gardens should be paid by the Centre."
Later today, Mamata attended a 3km procession organised by Trinamul in Siliguri to mark Nandigram Diwas.(TT)

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