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Didi lambastes GJMM at Montiviot ground meeting

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee harangued the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha (GJMM) party and its leadership (without naming anybody) at a public meeting organised by the Trinamul Congress at Montiviot ground in Kurseong on Tuesday.
Banerjee alleged the GJMM of employing scare tactics to remain in power in the Darjeeling hills and said that in spite of being given a interim government set up-- the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA),and being sanctioned ‘thousands of crores’ of rupees, the Hill ruling party failed to foster any proper development.
The chief minister said that there is a flow of ‘black money,’ coming into the Darjeeling hills from in and outside the country,on which she is keeping a watch. Reacting to alleged comments made by a section of the political leadership here, stating that she will not be allowed to visit the Darjeeling hills, Banerjee said that the Darjeeling hills is part of her motherland and she will keep visiting the place till her last breath.
She added that neither does she threaten nor is she afraid of anyone. According to her, such a mentality needs to be eradicated. “How will they feel if they are told that they will not be allowed to visit Siliguri or my home in Kalighat? I will never say such a thing, instead, the Hill populace should visit different places of the country including Kolkata for their own benefits,” Banerjee said. Retorting to allegations made by the GJMM, that in the name of development boards, Banerjee is actually trying to divide the Darjeeling hills, she said that she has no such intention and instead wants to bring in development for the people on several issues, for which she has been forming different development boards. Most likely referring to the Gorkhaland demand, the chief minister said that she respects the sentiments of the Hill people, but however, during election, a section of the political leadership in the Hills captivates the people with a single slogan.
She accused the CPIM of holding double-standards, and said that on one hand the CPI-M opposes Gorkhaland, and on the other hand, they are supporting parties like the GJMM and the Congress.
 She added that the TMC is the only party that works sincerely in a principled manner. She asked Darjeeling citizens to give her an opportunity to develop the Darjeeling hills in a full-fledged manner as presently her party does not have any GTA representative, or an MLA or MP in Darjeeling.

She added that she has undertaken several development projects for the Darjeeling hills including the formation of a Kalimpong district and a Mirik sub-division. Saying that her party will participate in every election in the Darjeeling hills with the hope of bringing about development here, Miss Banerjee appealed voters to cast their votes in favour of her party candidates- Sharda Rai Subba in Darjeeling, Shanta Chettri in Kurseong and Bhaichung Bhutia in Siliguri and the TMC supported candidate from Kalimpong, Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri.(sns)

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